LASER Therapy to STOP SMOKING in New Jersey


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Paramus, New Jersey facility offer laser therapy to stop smoking. Located in Bergen County, NJ. For more information, about the program and cost visit Stop Smoking Laser Treatment NJ

Laws to ban or severely limit smoking are getting passed more and they are making it much more difficult for those who choose the habit. In San Rafael, CA, a recent ban has made it illegal to smoke in one's home if that dwelling is part of a multi-family residence, forcing many smokers to make resolutions to quit. In New Jersey people cannot smoke in restaurants or bars. And with New Year's Day 2014 just around the corner, many of those resolutions will require something stronger than will power to kick the habit. Now there is a pain free, drugless treatment to help smokers stop smoking by Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist Robert Galarowicz. Non-invasive Laser Therapy to stop smoking.

Robert is a Mind-Body Healer specializing in Holistic medicine. He researched stop smoking treatments for years before choosing to add Laser Therapy to his practice as an alternative to nicotine patches an chemical replacements.

This proven pain free, drugless, and non-invasive therapy works by stimulating the body's natural anti-craving hormones and unblocking a stagnant nervous system energy flow which works to diminish nasty withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes. Laser Therapy also releases endorphins into the body, the natural chemical that the body uses to keep one calm and relaxed. Releasing these endorphins in this way allows the quitter to deal with the withdrawal symptoms from cigarettes much easier.

And although Robert is certain that Laser Therapy alone is able to help someone looking to stop smoking a quitter, he is ensuring their success by offering bonuses to those who get the treatments. The Quit Craving Essential Oil that promises to melt stress, shrink appetite, lift a mood and decrease cravings all in a few deep breaths. And a second bonus of The Detox Anti-Tox Formula, which will replenish the body with lost nutrition that has come about due to smoking. Cigarettes drain the body of Vitamin E, C, Zinc and many other important nutrients causing the body to have a weak immune system. The Detox Anti-Tox Formula will also supercharge the liver and kidneys which are the body’s filtering organs, in order to cleanse the ex-smoker's body quickly and safely of the 300 addictive health destroying toxins stored in their cells.

Becoming a smoker is easy. There are many reasons to quit , both legal and for one's health. However, quitting can be hard. Smoking is, after all, an addiction, but stopping doesn't have to be hard with the help of simple and scientific Laser Therapy.

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