LaserCap® Review Launches to Help Consumers Determine the Official LaserCap


San Luis Obispo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- In an effort to help consumers distinguish between the official LaserCap® and other similar looking offerings from other companies a new website,, has been launched. The increasing popularity of LaserCap® has given emergence to many similar-looking products which has confused many consumers. wants to clarify this confusion by helping customers purchase the official product which comes with the full backing of the manufacturer and a 3 year warranty.

The website states, on the subject of the many offerings that have appeared recently, “Laser Cap’s success has given rise to many products that look similar to the real LaserCap®, but do not come with the backing of the original creators of the LaserCap®.” Some companies are trying to confuse the customers into buying their products by indirectly referring to the original LaserCap. These products do not necessarily provide the same treatment as the original and some of them come without a warranty. Their main objective is to sell their items amongst the confusion and make profits. In order to help customers identify and purchase the official Laser Cap® this website has been launched. The LaserCap® was specifically designed by the leading experts in laser hair therapy and was engineered for maximum efficacy and ease of use.”

The LaserCap®, which uses low level laser light to stimulate hair growth and help treat thinning hair, has been commended by many for its convenience and effectiveness. The product’s main ability is to provide laser hair treatment to the general public at home, while jogging, driving in a car, or any other way the customer sees fit. Laser Cap customer feedback also mentions the effective results of the product and noticeable improvements in hair health.

According to the site, one of the major ways to distinguish between the official product and other copies is that LaserCap® is only available through select physicians. The Laser Cap Review site stated that it is vital to consult with a physician to determine the suitability of LaserCap®. The LaserCap® should only be purchased after a medical evaluation has been completed and a physician’s consent given. If a company is offering a similar product upfront without any medical evaluation then it is certain that the product is not the official LaserCap®, informed Laser Cap Review. Comparing the product with the LaserCap® manufacturer’s site is another way to identify the official product, added the Laser Cap Review.

There is only one LaserCap® and it is manufactured and distributed by Transdermal Cap, Inc. which was co-founded in 2006 by inventor Michael Rabin MD, internationally-acclaimed hair restoration physician Robert Haber MD, and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith PhD, in collaboration with Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin PhD.

About LaserCap® Review
LaserCap® Review is an informative website that helps customers distinguish between the real LaserCap® to other similar looking products. Through their online platform,, customers can apply for consultations and can view further details about LaserCap®. LaserCap® is an innovative product that uses low level laser lights to stimulate hair growth.

For more information about LaserCap®, or to schedule an evaluation with an authorized physician, please call at 1-800-Now-Hair or visit the site and fill out the form available there.