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LaSorsa & Associates Introduces Bug Sweeps and Counter-Measures


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- According to President Joseph A. LaSorsa of LaSorsa & Associates, corporate espionage is a rapidly-growing crime that costs companies billions each year. "Electronic eavesdropping devices are no longer the stuff of spy stories," he notes. "In fact, millions of bugs are sold over the web each year and planted in offices around the country." These bugs are then used to gather proprietary information or data that can be used against individuals or the company. Unless those who are the subject of this surveillance realize the problem and take steps to correct it, there is a great possibility that company will continue to suffer."

However, LaSorsa & Associates, on the web at, offers bug sweeps, eavesdropping detection and technical surveillance counter-measures to help individuals and companies fight back. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, agents can perform sweeps to identify various types of audio or video interception devices. Using frequency spectrum analysis and other types of technical inspection methods, even inactive bugs can be quickly located. Agents also perform a manual inspection to locate covert devices. These professional agents can locate wiretap devices, covert video cameras, audio recording or transmitting devices and even vehicle tracking devices using GPS.

"If you suspect that your phone calls are being tapped or that you are being recorded, whether because of something that you have learned or because you have noise on your phone lines, unexplained repair visits, information leaks or evidence left behind by intruders, we are here to help. We utilize frequency spectrum analyzers, ultra-sensitive VLF/UHF/IR probes, field strength meters, telephone line analyzers, wireless camera and video receiver interceptors, GSM for cell phones, wi-fi and Bluetooth detectors, IR or thermal imaging equipment, network protocol analyzers, black light and UV light inspection equipment, multi-meter and outlet testers and boroscopes as well as other physical inspect tools to identify and remove possible surveillance devices."

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LaSorsa & Associates is an international private investigator and security consultancy firm. Founded by President and CEO Joseph A. Lasorsa, CPP, former Secret Service agent, who worked the presidential protection and White House details, the firm provides all aspects of worldwide discreet international private investigations, executive protection, bodyguard, physical security services and training to corporate executives, dignitaries, the public, and celebrities.

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