Last Drop Comics Launches Premier Graphic Novel "The Last Drop of Sanity"


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Last Drop Comics, a newly established independent online publisher of graphic novels, has launched its premier issue, “The Last Drop of Sanity,” that begins a series of tales exploring life’s dark ironies and bitter disappointments.

Last Drop Comics’ founder, Web entrepreneur Adrian Gonzales, teamed up with his brother, freelance writer Neil Gonzales, and artist Renell Escarlan to bring a new psychological, thought-provoking wrinkle to the graphic-novel genre. “The Last Drop of Sanity” introduces the mischievous, otherworldly character known as the Laughing Man, who leads unsuspecting victims to a beware-what-you-wish-for fate.

The debut issue features three episodes co-written by the Gonzales brothers and illustrated by Escarlan in a sophisticated realism style reminiscent of the Bronze Age of Comic Books of the 1970s and ‘80s in America. Indeed, much of the issue’s real-life themes are akin to those found in that great era of socially aware comic-book publishing.

The issue has already garnered five out of five stars from Consolebits, an entertainment- and technology-review website. A Consolebits reviewer described “The Last Drop of Sanity” as “a fun read that reminds me of ‘80s thrillers/horror shows (with) a great blend of animated style art.”

Adrian Gonzales drew inspiration from his favorite television shows such as “The Twilight Zone,” “Nowhere Man” and “The X-Files” as well as DC Comics bad guys The Joker and Vandal Savage to create “The Last Drop of Sanity.”

“Readers looking for psychological thrillers with an intriguing supervillain should definitely give ‘The Last Drop of Sanity’ a try,” he said. “Neil is a fantastic writer, and Renell's artwork is second to none. I'm extremely lucky be working with a talented team."

“The Last Drop of Sanity” is now available for purchase on Graphicly, Apple's iBookstore and Amazon Kindle for only $1.99. “The Last Drop of Sanity” is Last Drop Comics’ flagship graphic novel with other titles coming soon.

To learn more about The Last Drop of Sanity, please visit

To learn more about Last Drop Comics, please visit

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Last Drop Comics is a San Francisco-based independent online publisher of graphic novels founded by Adrian Gonzales. Its debut flagship graphic novel, “The Last Drop of Sanity,” is co-written by Adrian Gonzales and Neil Gonzales and illustrated by Renell Escarlan.

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