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Last Exit to Murder: L.A. Chapter of 'Sisters in Crime' Mystery Writers Group Announces Fast-Paced & Gritty Fiction Anthology.

Published by Down & Out Books, ‘Last Exit to Murder’ contains sixteen gripping stories selected from over sixty blind submissions to the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime (SinC) - an international support organization of men and women mystery writers. Taking readers on a pedal-to-the-metal journey through Southern California, the unique anthology promises a full-throttle and eclectic literary experience for all.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While numerous anthologies hit the shelves each year, none are quite as unique as those compiled by the Sisters in Crime international support organization of mystery writers. Firmly strapped into the driving seat and asking the world to brace themselves for a high-speed journey containing sixteen high-octane stories, the L.A. chapter of SinC is delighted to announce ‘Last Exit to Murder’.

Editors Darrell James, Linda O. Johnston & Tammy Kaehler compiled the anthology from over sixty blind submissions. After agonizing over the consistent high quality of each story, sixteen writers were chosen to make the final publication - L.H. Dillman, Donna May, Laura Brennan, Lynn Allyson, Andrew Jetarski, Miko Johnston, Beverly Graf, Sally Carpenter, Laurie Stevens, Stephen Buehler, Nena Jover Kelty, Julie Beers, Eric Stone, Avril Adams, Bonnie Cardone and Paul D. Marks. The book’s foreword is provided by Gary Phillips.


From the Low Riders that nightly cruise the Sunset Strip, to the infamous Dead Man’s Curve immortalized in song, Southern Californian’s fascination with their cars has long been the fodder of legend and has defined a culture known for its fast-paced and sometimes reckless lifestyle.

Now, sixteen tantalizing stories from L.A. authors’ take us on a Joyride through the darker streets of Los Angeles. At the signpost, just ahead, your… LAST EXIT TO MURDER.

As one of the Editors explains, the book’s stories come from a wide-ranging cast of highly talented authors.

“This is the first fiction publication for several of the contributors, including 90-year old Nena Jover Kelty and Beverly Graf, who holds a PhD and teaches film studies at Pepperdine University. Various levels of Hollywood run through the veins of other authors including Donna May, Andrew Jetarski, Paul D. Marks and Julie Beers. This just goes to show that writers come from just about any and every background!” says Darrell James.

Continuing, “The L.A. chapter of Sisters in Crime is one of the most active in the country. The fact that we received over sixty submissions just goes to show how prolific the region is for its writing. It’s certainly a unique book and we’re delighted to share it with the world.”

The book is resonating with readers everywhere.

“This book is a mix of a refreshing group of gifted up 'n' coming, and some of our favorite crime writers. Each story makes the reader a participant. You are the main character and living the terror,” says Sabi, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Gayle Bartos-Pool was equally as impressed, adding, “The stories in this anthology by members of Sisters-in-Crime/ LA may be varied, but they do have something in common - cars. You are what you drive, or covet, or steal. Hop in and enjoy the ride.”

Those with a need for speed are urged to purchase their copies of the anthology as soon as possible.

‘Last Exit to Murder’ is available as a trade paperback and ebook now: http://amzn.to/15twfaX, http://tinyurl.com/l9b9btu or at your local bookstore.

Publisher’s website: http://downandoutbooks.com/.

Writer’s group website: http://sistersincrimela.com/.

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