Lastest Essential to Hit the Roads of South Africa


Somerset West, Western Cape -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- With the increasing shift in consumers mind sets to become more environmentally friendly, the latest essential on offer to consumers in South Africa to assist in reducing the carbon footprint from our roads, is Trash-Collector™.

Trash-Collector™ is an environmentally friendly and attractive disposable trash bag that is a simple and convenient solution to keeping the inside of a vehicle clean, and in turn helps to keep the environment litter free too. No mode of transport in South Africa can afford not be without one! It is literally “Recycling on the Go™”!

Jackie Hunter, Managing Director of Trash-Collector™ says: “Let Trash-Collector™ help you with your “car-bin” footprint and let’s all make a difference in our own small but effective way. Take a step in the green direction and leave a positive lasting impression and impact.”

Trash-Collector™ is easily attachable to the back of any car seat or glove compartment, and can be just as easily removed ensuring trash can be disposed of responsibly. It is also moisture resistant. Trash-Collector™ is available in a wide range of different, exciting and funky designs and for the corporate market, designs and printing can be tailor-made to convey personalised messaging and identities. Trash-Collector™ is also a fun “edutaining” way to teach children not to litter, look after the environment and keep them occupied on the long road.

These products are made entirely from paper sourced from trees grown specifically for paper manufacturing. This paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Once printed and die cut, the bags are then meticulously assembled by women in the community from the Elsies River area in Cape Town, creating job opportunities and sustainability.

Trash-Collector™ is a novel and welcome concept. For more information and designs of this new eco must have, visit