Lasting Impressions Foam Unveils New Collection

Memory Foam Mattresses Brought To the Internet


Sikeston, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- has launched a smart collection of memory foam mattresses for the benefit of its customers.

The company has been a leading name in the furniture industry in the region for around 15 years now and has been offering memory foam products to its customers since 2002. Over the years the company has done away with the middle men involved in bringing these products to its customers so that they can be offered to them at reasonable prices.

And that’s why one sees top quality memory foam mattresses sold in this online website store at competitive prices. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized and that’s where these mattresses come in offering users a lot of comfort when they go to sleep after a hard day’s work. That’s the reason these mattresses are gaining in popularity and especially those that are being offered by the company are packed with features that tick all the right boxes for users.

Open Cell Memory Foam technology is at the heart of these mattresses and it’s responsible for offering utmost comfort to users while sleeping. Superior quality visco-elastic foam what has many bubbles or cells is used to make this product. It’s these cells that get softer when they come in contact with the heat. Hence the mattress slightly absorbs an impression, which takes the pressure off the user’s spine, joints etc.

This technology has many all round benefits for users who have been struggling to get good night’s sleep. Thanks to these mattresses, the heat is dissipated so that one can sleep in comfortable cool at night. What’s more, if users have been experiencing back pain, joint ache and other niggles because of their sleeping position, they can experience relief from it. Overall users get much needed respite from aching muscles and joints.

There are users who have started using memory foam mattresses and have realized that their tossing and turning in bed has been reduced dramatically. Thus these mattresses encourage sound and deep sleep amongst users, which is something many are looking for. Mattresses offered by this website, are made in the US and the memory foam is not imported, which says a lot about their quality as well.

To find out more about memory foam mattresses and other products it offers one can visit the website