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Latent Semantic Indexing Now Even More Crucial for Site Ranking


Osaka, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- In the past, the way websites were ranked was widely dependent on the placement of keywords in the site pages. However, according to Ace Site Creator, a website that provides people with in-depth information about online marketing, the recent Google Penguin update has led to a significant change in this process.

As a spokesperson from Ace Site Creator explained, in regards to on-page optimization, including certain keywords is no longer as important as it once was. In many cases, the top results for online searches will turn up sites that do not even have the exact keyword or phrase in the results. Instead, the emphasis will be on the overall quality of the article. This means that something called latent semantic indexing, or LSI, is now extremely important for site owners to learn about and utilize.

“LSI is a better gauge of how thoroughly the topic is covered in the article,” he said.

Ace Site Creator recently released an article that helps explain more about LSI, and why it is vital to helping websites do better in regards to on-page SEO and thus lead to higher rankings in the search engines.

More specifically, latent semantic indexing is part of the algorithms that are used by search engines to understand what the pages are about and to rank their quality.

“In simpler terms, LSI refers to the importance of using related terms to complement and support the main keywords found in your pages,” the article noted, adding that if search engines determine that a site’s content thoroughly covers a topic, they will inevitably see the site as an authority on a subject and give it a higher search engine ranking.

“In effect, your LSI rating will tell the search engines just how good your content really is.”

In general, articles that get high LSI rankings are those that cover a topic quite thoroughly. Rather than just relying on keywords, LSI requires that writers add in details and synonymous terms that make it apparent the article was well-researched and is authoritative.

In order to determine which LSI keywords to use in an article, site owners will need to look at the top websites for their targeted keywords and determine what common words, terms and topics they are covering. Using software to learn this information, rather than figuring it out manually, saves website owners a lot of time and effort.

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