Dr Barry Lycka

Latest Anti-Ageing Treatments: Peels, Lasers & Niacinamide – Reviewed by Dr Lycka & Dr Jaliman

Two leading dermatologists share a variety of new & effective anti-ageing treatments


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2016 -- Anti-ageing treatments are developed and launched with increasing frequency, and it is a challenge for patients (and even doctors) to keep up with the latest trends. And of course not every doctor offers every treatment and not every patient is an ideal candidate for every treatment, procedure or product. This is where a weekly show such as Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today plays an important role in sharing information and helping to educate patients and medical professionals.

This week (04Jul16) on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, show host Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman from her practice on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NYC. Both doctors have many years of experience in providing anti-ageing treatments for their patients, and love to share their knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the subject. Dr Jaliman shares three latest anti-ageing treatments that she is using on her patients with great results.

In this in-depth interview Dr Lycka & Dr Jaliman begin with a discussion about the latest chemical peels. The talk about what they are, how they work and the results they give, and each doctor highlights the types of peels they prefer for different skin types / problems. The discussion moves onto anti-ageing laser therapy, and Dr Jaliman describes a new red light laser she loves using. She has found it is particularly good for treating patients with colored skin – typically lasers on colored skin can cause pigmentary problems. This laser is actually used to treat pigment problems, including melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, as well as for treating acne scars. The final segment of this interview focuses on topical vitamins – that is vitamins that are applied to the skin in a cream format. Both doctors find that using topical Niacinamide, (Vitamin B3) really benefits their patients' skins, as well as using Peptides, and they discuss how they improve the tone, texture and 'glow' of the skin.

About Dr Barry Lycka
Barry A. S. Lycka, Edmonton based Cosmetic Dermatologist, is one of North America's foremost authorities on cosmetic surgery, skin cancer surgery, reconstructive surgery and laser surgery of the skin. He broadcasts the Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today internet talk radio show on webtalkradio.net as an un-biased and detailed source of credible information on cosmetic surgery. He interviews world-leading experts, gets the inside story on the controversial aspects of cosmetic surgery and uncovers & explains new techniques and products. The show continues to grow in popularity with over 7000 downloads a week being made.

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