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Latest Arizer Solo Vaporizer Gains Top Spot in Top 10 Vaporizers List


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing comprehensive reviews of various vaporizers, has recently reviewed the latest Arizer Solo Vaporizer and has rated the product as the best vaporizer available. The website’s Top 10 Vaporizer list was being dominated by the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom since 2012 has now been overthrown by the Solo Vaporizer.

According to the review, the Arizer Solo Vaporizer is lightweight, easily fits in the pocket, cordless, is made from glass instead of plastic and has 1-2 hours of continuous vapor production. The key features of the Solo vaporizer that have enabled it to get the top spot are the exquisite vapor production and a total of 7 different temperature settings. Another aspect that has been noticed by its consumers is its very easy maintenance. The vaporizer can be cleaned without any hassle, something that Pax vaporizer consumers have trouble with. The vaporizer also comes with 2 mouthpieces - a straight and bent piece and a potpourri dish. Complete review of the vaporizer is available on the website.

The Pax vaporizer is still considered as one of the best vaporizers available due to their convenient size. The Pax vaporizer has 3 temperature settings and also comes with various accessories. The vaporizer’s stylish look is the main reason why many consumers prefer the vaporizer. However its performance is top-notch as well making it a perfect vaping product.

The website has now become a premier vaporizer reviews provider and deservedly so since their reviews cover every aspect of every product. Videos of vaporizers, for example the Pax vaporizer video, are also published alongside the reviews to help interested individuals further judge the working and appearance of the products. The website’s Top 10 list is based on the overall rating which is the average of Design, Quality and Cost rating of a vaporizer. The website also has a comments feature which allows consumers to post their own experience and share any necessary details of the vaporizer.

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