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Latest Australian Skip Tracing Tool SkipRM Becomes First CRM in the Country Designed to Find People


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Detective Desk, a company dedicated in providing tools and services to locate people residing in Australia, recently announced the launch of their comprehensive skip tracing tool SkipRM which is the first CRM focused on specifically finding people.

The SkipRM which is now available via the company’s website, is not only the first Australian CRM tool for skip tracing but is also being considered as a complete user-friendly online software that will make searching individuals a whole lot easier and quicker.

The working of the SkipRM and its true potential have clearly been shown by Detective Desk in an approx 10 min long YouTube video which demonstrates how an individual’s current details can be searched by multiple techniques. DOB search, couple search, reverse phone lookups, neighbor search, past and present addresses search and many other methods which have been successfully provided by Detective Desk are now integrated in SkipRM providing multiple ways of finding a subject with couple of clicks. Via SkipRM companies can also create profiles and edit them instantly keeping the subject records organized and updated at all times.

Apart from the SkipRM demonstration video, Detective Desk is also offering a free 30 day trial period to all interested clients such that their customers can thoroughly evaluate their tools including SkipRM before making any purchases. A bold offer which is rarely seen reflects the confidence Detective Desk has and rightly so as they are one of the pioneers of skip tracing tools and services in Australia.

The company is currently offering its tools in 3 different packages – 5 Days Pass, 10 Days Pass and a Monthly Pass. Each package offers unlimited access for a specific number of days. The validity of the passes is for 1 complete year benefiting clients who require only occasional people searches. Companies such as debt collectors who require more frequent or even daily usage can also avail group pricing plans for additional savings that are also offered by Detective Desk.

About Detective Desk
Detective Desk is one of the leading companies in Australia that provides a comprehensive skip tracing system which is specifically designed to find people. The company offers various user friendly tools to swiftly search any individual currently residing in Australia. The company recently launched their complete skip tracing tool SkipRM which is the first CRM focused entirely on skip tracing in Australian market. Specific details of SkipRM and various other skip tracing tools & services offered by the company can be viewed on the company’s online platform,

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