Latest Educational iPad App Proves Learning Nouns Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag. Just Drag & Tag!

New iPad app mixes color, music, animations, lovable characters and animals to make learning nouns at home a piece of cake. It’s the ultimate app for undercover learning!


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2012 -- Hand a child an iPad and they’ll smile. Ask a child to learn nouns and they’ll complain. However, asking a child to use an iPad to learn nouns with Drag & Tag turns a mundane task into a fun challenge.

The new educational game is the creation of Singapore’s MyLittleUni team – a collection of software and educational development experts with a knack for making kids learn without them knowing it. They’ve already seen critical acclaim with their hugely successful App, Infant Visual Stimulation.

Their latest creation allows children to complete a series of fun games, while soaking up knowledge in the process.

Josh Lee, Creative Director, explains more:

“The game includes ten different scenarios and four levels. There’s a ‘learning’ mode with a strong educational focus and a ‘play’ mode for something a bit more fun” says Josh.

The concept is simple – drag each noun to its hinted location and discover its tag – both spelling and punctuation. In learning mode, the focus is on discovering tags and learning about each word. However, in play mode each child is stretched to try and beat the clock by dragging the correct icon to each location.

The app is poised as the ultimate child’s paradise. It’s all thanks to the same sound artist responsible for popular app Cut the Rope. The app is professionally narrated by a popular ex-news anchor, and all virtual items within the game are colourful, large and bold.

“Kids get to learn fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, by moving around virtual household items within ten different rooms. The Play Mode encourages kids to make a good fit for the shapes. A good fit will rewards the kid with three stars” adds Josh.

He continues “It’s great because the Play mode uses a fun way to reinforce the words that were learned in the Learn mode – and kids will be having a fun, exciting experience with no feeling of being assessed”.

Drag & Tag (Nouns at Home) is available now for the special price of just $1.99, and can be downloaded at:

A video preview of the app can be found at: