Latest German Blog Provides Insightful Information on E-Zigarette and Reviews Popular Brands


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Edampfer24.wordpress.com, a personal German blog focused on providing latest news on e-cigarettes and sharing insightful information on new & upcoming brands, has recently launched itself.

Despite the boom of electronic cigarettes or known as eZigarette in Germany, there have been very few websites that actually provide information on these new devices without being biased or trying to sell a specific brand for affiliated profits.

Even though Edamfer24.wordpress.com is a fairly new website it has already touched on various controversial topics to further create awareness on the factual aspects of electronic cigarettes.

For example their publication titled “E-Zigarette: Eine Gefahr für den Nutzer?” (E-Cigarettes: A danger to the user?” discusses the effects e-cigarettes have depending on its usage. Usually people immediately jump on the wagon when saying e-cigarettes are safe, however the article on the blog mentions how it is important to check the brand of the e-cig as well and how they manufacture their product. Other features such as how the e-cig functions and is composed of are also discusses in the publication.

The blog has reviewed certain elektrische Zigarette (e-cigarettes) brands as well, most of them which are popular in Germany and are fairly new. Even though the site does not directly recommend any of the products it definitely guides its followers in making informed decisions.

EDampfer24.wordpress.com has shared how e-cigs should be used responsibly to avoid teenagers and children picking up the habit. According to the site, even though elektronische Zigarette are vapor based and are safe to be used everywhere, it is best to use them responsibly in public areas.

About EDampfer24.wordpress.com
EDampfer24.wordpress.com is a personal German blog which provides latest e-cigarette new and discusses various aspects of the increasingly popular alternative to tar based cigarettes. The blog also occasionally reviews popular e-cig brands and notifies it followers of any new products or deals.

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