Latest High Definition Security Camera Systems Released by AUCOM Surveillance


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Security cameras have become very indispensable in many residential and commercial establishments. It can be noted that a lot of businesses suffer from inventory losses caused by rampant theft and pilferage cases. Residential and property owners also have to deal with burglary attempts more frequently these days. Reliable security system, then, is very instrumental in preventing criminal activities not only in businesses and workplaces but also in the homes. They can deter unlawful acts and can help identify criminals and perpetrators.

When it comes to security cameras, a wide range of options and features are made accessible to consumers. Many of them are designed to fit in various locations and to meet different requirements. The increasing demands for security equipment have paved the way for manufacturers to develop more high-end capabilities and features for their security systems. These modern equipments are helping a lot in the enhancement of law enforcement efforts and minimizing criminal activities.

Types of Security Camera Systems
There are basically two types of security camera systems found in the market today: the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and the Network Video Recorder (NVR). The first type is very common and often utilized by consumers because they are less costly. NVRs, on the other hand, are known for offering higher quality of videos so they are able to come up with better images compared to regular CCTV cameras. They utilize Ethernet cables to capture as much as 2,000 frames per second.

Factors to consider when buying Security Camera Systems
People’s final choice of a camera system should be dependent on various important factors such as the image sensor, recording capability, TV lines and many more. Each system comes with specific features that can appropriately meet ones needs. The designs and target location of the security system must also be considered because there are specific features that people have to factor in depending on their preference like if they want such cameras to be installed indoors or outdoors.

HDSDI Camera Systems
If people are seriously considering purchasing a security system, they have to know about the latest in CCTV Surveillance Technology that’s using the latest High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HDSDI). HD-SDI Cameras and DVRs offers equipment with higher resolution and better picture quality compared to conventional analog units. This new technology provides clearer and higher definition video quality similar to HDTV and Blu-ray. With the use of an existing coax cable, installation of these units is made much more convenient as well. Each camera has a full capacity of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution. This is, more or less, 6 times the standard resolution of conventional surveillance units in the market and made possible by the combination of HDSI Camera and Video Recorder.

Moreover, what’s good about these cameras is that people can access them through their SmartPhone, Tablet or PC anytime and anywhere they are. HD-SDI Camera systems can combine and match various camera and DVRs to come up with a more personalized or customized system for their unique and specific needs.

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