Latest LGA Data Creates Falcon International Estates Strategic Investment Opportunities


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Latest data from an LGA (Local Government Association) study into the housing market has shown that almost 400,000 homes that have been given planning permission have yet to be built. This figure from the LGA is good news for clients of Falcon International Estates strategic scheme that pairs experienced investors with Independent Financial Advisors who are able to discuss particular real estate schemes with long term growth opportunities.

Falcon International Estates specialists have valuable experience in introducing clients to Independent Financial Advisors and in particular schemes involving real estate. They are able to identify the needs of investors and with the news that stagnant growth continues, to provide access to market leading Independent Financial Advisors with the Falcon International Estates Introducer scheme. The LGA which represents just over 350 local councils around the country has advised that now is the time to find investment for new homes rather than trying to press for alternative changes to the planning system. This kind of news is extremely positive for Falcon International Estates as a key introducer of investors to Independent Financial Advisors and to particular schemes involving real estate in strategic locations where the demand for homes to be built is high.

Glenigan, the building industry analyst which helped put the report together for the LGA said a reduction of just 6,000 would be needed to clear this backlog of new builds being held with planning permission. These kind of statistics provide ample opportunity for Falcon International Estates LinkedIn connections to invest, Falcon International Twitter followers have followed the news with great interest. With Whitehall noting that housing is one of the quickest avenues to GDP growth, Falcon International Estates is calling on investors to heed the long term investment opportunities that real estate offers.

With this news of a backlog in the construction sector of real estate, Falcon International Estates have been keeping their customers informed of these new investment opportunities with frequent updates to the Falcon International Estates Facebook page. With a keen eye placed on the real estate market in light of the latest report released by the LGA study, Falcon International Estates YouTube subscribers are able to keep tabs on the opportunities available when paired with an independent financial advisor.

With the government able to create an unrivalled amount of jobs in the housing sector, Falcon International Estates understand that the tackling the backlog of planning permission through actual construction rather than amendments to the planning permission structure is the way forward. Offering new investment opportunities, Falcon International Estates Introducer options for IFAs have allowed experienced investors with wide portfolios to add an attractive real estate scheme to their books.

About Falcon International Estates
Falcon International Estates are offering access to experienced independent financial advisors in this sector to help realise potential gains in real estate investment over the long term. With only over 330,000 new homes being delivered over the past three years and the demand outweighing the supply, Falcon International Estates strategic pairing of clients with advisors has allowed experienced investors with specific requirements to expand their portfolios.

Matthew Bakerfia