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Latest Scientific Studies Prove Dr. Dave Statements on Muscle Mass and Mortality 7 Years Ago


Fleetwood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- The latest article titled ‘Men, Muscle Mass, and Mortality - The 3 Musketeers of Aging’ published on the popular personal blog of renowned doctor and anti-aging specialist Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D. has informed how 2 recent studies have concluded Dr. Dave’s initial theory that muscle mass, strength with testosterone and activity levels are independent predictors of how well one ages and how long one lives.

The 2 studies which apply to men and certain women stated that power output and muscle mass were independent indicators of aging and death, a statement that Dr. Dave made nearly 7 years ago.

Dr. Dave, who has been focused on researching the effects of Omega 3 levels on overall health of a body since 2000 when he started practicing anti-aging medicine, had spoken about the relation between power & muscle mass to Omega 3 levels. In the introductory fish oil CD released in 2007, Dr. Dave also specifically spoke on how power and muscle mass are related to morbidity and mortality.

Dr. Dave has made many conclusions like relationship of muscle mass and mortality, based on his personal researches which have been contradicted by leading doctors, scientists and researchers. However over the past few years, many of his research findings are being proved with latest scientific studies signaling that Dr. Dave’s research on Omega 3 was ahead of its time.

Dr. Dave is now offering personally developed pharmaceutical grade life extension and anti-aging supplements most of them concentrated on improving Omega 3 levels or extending telomeres which have helped many not only recover of numerous illnesses but also attain a very healthy physical body. Dr. Dave is also one of the few doctors to actually provide a preventative treatment for cancer by consumption of right amounts of Omega 3 and various other supplements.

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