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Latest Treatment Options to Get Rid of a Double Chin & Saggy Neck Reviewed by Dr Lycka & Dr Schlessinger

Two leading dermatologists share several new & exciting ways to get rid of fat & tighten skin on the chin & neck


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- For many years, people have wanted to get rid of a double chin – that unwanted fat around the chin and neck area – but there were not many treatment options available, and those that were available were not popular for some reason. And that was the same situation for people with the opposite problem – too much loose skin on their neck, which is unflatteringly called a 'turkey neck'. However, in the last year all that has changed, as a new 'fat busting' treatment called Kybella has captured the imagination of patients, and triggered a boost in treatment options being developed to help remove fat and tighten skin in the previously under-served chin & neck area.

This week (20Jun16) on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, show host Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka talks with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Joel Schlessinger, from his practice in Omaha, Nebraska. Both doctors have experience of using previous injectable fat dissolving treatments, as well as always looking for the best treatment options for their patients, and to share their knowledge with other physicians.

In this in-depth interview Dr Lycka & Dr Schlessinger begin with a discussion about Kybella. It is an injectable treatment that 'dissolves' fat specifically in the 'double chin' and neck area. They highlight the very important differences between Kybella and previously available treatments that did a similar thing. They discuss how it works and how many treatments are needed, plus the side effects, benefits and results it creates. They then compare Kybella with CoolMini, an alternative treatment for removing unwanted fat in the chin area which actually freezes the fat to destroy it. And of course liposuction is still a very effective treatment option to get rid of a double chin too, so the two doctors also compare it with Kybella & CoolMini, particularly from a patient's perspective.

Dr Lycka & Dr Schlessinger then talk about options for tightening skin in the neck area, particularly with Ultherapy. They have an interesting discussion about the formation of collagen and how these non-invasive treatments stimulate collagen production, but there are no instant results, as it takes from 4 to 6 months for the results of the new collagen production to be visible in the skin tone and texture.

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