Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Japanese Retail Packaging Market - the Outlook for Primary Packaging Containers, Closures and Outers to 2017


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Reportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Japanese Retail Packaging Market - The outlook for primary packaging containers, closures and outers to 2017 market report to its offering

Product Synopsis
- Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Japanese Retail Packaging Market" is a detailed industry report providing comprehensive analysis of the emerging trends and opportunities in Japanese packaging market.
- The report is a result of a thorough analysis of consumer trends, packaging manufacturing trends and packaging innovation within Japan consumer packaged goods market. The report provides both qualitative and quantitative insights into each of the packaging materials- Flexible, Glass, Rigid Plastic, Rigid Metaland Paper andBoard.
- The report includes detailed tables and charts to provide a comprehensive understanding of packaging consumption to clearly establish market trends, packaging dynamics and areas of future growth potential.
-It provides an overview of the competitive landscape of Japan packaging sector with an analysis of the key market leaders including a snap shot of major deals.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?
Packaging companies and retailers seek the latest information on consumer trends and opportunities to formulate their sales and marketing strategies. There is also demand for authentic market data with a high level of detail. This report has been created to provide its readers with up-to-date information and analysis to uncover emerging opportunities of growth within the CPG market.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
As consumer product demand evolves the dynamics between different packaging types also evolves - favouring some packaging types and formats and leaving others increasingly out of line with demand patterns. As a result, understanding the shifting market dynamics is key to ensuring maximum sales in the future.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
The differential growth across different packaging materials and formats drive fundamental shifts in the market. These differentials result from various factors such as changing consumer preferences, regulatory compliance, and innovation within the packaging market.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The report is a unique combination of in-depth qualitative analysis and authoritative packaging data for the years 2007-2017. Each packaging material has detailed data break up by packaging type, closure material, closure type, outer material, and outer type.

Key Features and Benefits
Comprehensive coverage of the key consumer trends affecting the CPG market. Markets covered include alcoholic drinks, food, health and beauty, home improvement, household care, non-alcoholic drinks, pet care, and tobacco and tobacco products

Detailed analysis of each packaging material providing detailed break up including pack types, closures, and outers.

Provides key manufacturing and innovation trends in the packaging industry.

Highlights the key regulatory framework governing the Japan packaging industry.

Overview of the competitive landscape in Japan packaging industry including key players in each of the packaging material segments and major deals.

Key Highlights
With an increasing number of single households due to the inclination of Japanese people to remain unmarried or marry late, there is an increase in demand for smaller sized packs. Young population take small sized packs for on-the-go consumption while increasing older consumers take it for small portion consumption.

Owing to lower economic growth and unstable value of local currency, consumers whose income is not prospering are forced to buy value for money goods. Most consumers seek more information to discern products. Packaging plays a major role in providing value for money goods.

As the Japanese population gets older demand for convenient packaging is on the rise. Design of convenient packaging refers lowering of packaging weight and enabling ease of use. Therefore, packaging Industry in Japan has significant opportunity to develop products with specific needs for the aged population such as easy-to-open packs, re-sealable packs, packs with longer shelf life and clear labeling

Packaging companies have shown a strong inclination towards producing eco-friendly products, thereby reducing carbon footprints. Manufacturers are increasing efforts to meet regulatory compliance with respect to environmental challenges. For instance, Kao Group has redesigned its products to reduce carbon emission by reducing resins used in its new packaging formats.

In Japan, Busy lifestyles are paving the way for lifestyle diseases. Functional food is favored and considered as healthy alternative to other food types. Manufacturers are making initiatives to innovate products for healthy Japanese. For instance, Kirin Mets Cola, a sugar free cola drink launched during early 2012, received significant acceptance amongst Japanese consumers as the product claims to have an indigestible form of dextrin that restricts fat absorption during a meal. Kirin Beverage claims that 'Met Cola' is the world's first health Cola drink

Companies Mentioned

Oji Paper Limited, Rengo Limited, Tetra Pak, Rexam PLC, Huhtamaki Hong Kong Limited, Mitsubishi Plastic Inc, Kureha Corporation, Constantia Flexibles, Toyo Seikan Group, Crown Holdings Inc, JFE Holdings Inc, Nihon Yamamura Glass Co Ltd.

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