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Latest Trends in Selecting Christian Wedding Music

Trends in Wedding Church music and how modern couples are more creative in their choices for music to accompany their wedding day.


Lauriedstrasse, ZUG -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A Christian wedding is always a momentous occasion that is full of joy and celebration. Christian couples, their families and friends spare no effort to make this day memorable for the couple, and for everyone else. And as for any other major event, the choice of music plays an important role in celebrating a Christian marriage .

In the past, Christian wedding music consisted primarily of traditional hymns being sung by the congregation, accompanied by the church organist, during the designated parts of the service. In terms of options it was quite easy for the couple, since their choices were limited to what songs were in the hymnal. Organ music was also -- and still is -- a staple of Christian weddings. It was the main accompanying instrument for choir and congregational singing, as well as for vocal solos during wedding ceremonies.

Today, however, according to the leading Christian dating site , music choices for Christian couples to be wed are more varied. Christian denominations, in general, tend to be open and flexible when it comes to wedding music. In recent years, Christian music has evolved to embrace more modern music styles, and now contemporary sounding tunes are in abundance. These new Christian songs manage to retain the modern beat, feel and sound of the music preferred by this generation, while at the same time still retaining the expression of Christian faith. It is a fusion that has come to symbolize the strength of Christianity carrying on despite the progressiveness and modernity of the times.

Orchestration and accompaniment have evolved as well. It is now fairly common to see a rhythm section consisting of keyboards, guitars and percussion instruments accompanying the singing of Christian wedding music. In some instances, a chamber orchestra, or maybe even a full-blown orchestra -- if the couple can afford it -- may provide musical accompaniment during a Christian wedding.

The current trend is for the couple to mix and match traditional church hymns with modern Christian music. The couples normally have the traditional hymns sung during the worship parts of the service. For parts of the wedding rituals, the couple then selects modern Christian songs. This combination lets the couple express their faith in the bedrock of traditional Christian worship. It may also be a reassurance for friends and family gathered that they remain strong in the faith despite challenges and temptations all around them. The selection of modern Christian music, on the other hand, is a more private and contemporary expression of the couple's love for and commitment to each other. It is their reassurance to each other that they will love and be faithful to each other, for the rest of their lives.

Regardless of what style they prefer -- exclusively traditional, exclusive contemporary Christian music or a combination of both -- what is important is that Christian couples to be wed carefully select music that express their feelings and set the tone for the Christian wedding ceremony. Just as the right picture frame can make a painting stand out, Christian wedding music can make the event a truly memorable one for the couple and all the guests.