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Bompai, Nigeria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Google, people know is biggest and the most popular plus widely used search engine. This famous search engine uses certain techniques and set of rules, called Algorithms to work efficiently. Initially Google used the PageLink algorithm as Google algo. This one used to generate a mathematical formulation which was to be followed step by step so as to search a required object in the World Wide Web.

With enhancement as well as elaboration of Google , it had recently announced to update and release a new set of algorithm better than the previous one. It was declared last year that a new search algo will be brought into existence by April this year and here, Google is all ready and buckled up to introduce it's new algo Google Penguin updated version by April, 2013. Other algorithms updates such as Panda and Zebra are also said to be launched soon.

Google Penguin is said bring a lot of changes in the working of Google. It is made with an objective of eliminating a few drawbacks which were being faced by the search engine. These flaws included cloaking and also the previously used algorithm was not completely compatible with the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google Penguin has been launched in various version of which the latest is Penguin 3.0. This version was launched in early October last year and it affected 0.4% queries on Google.

Google Penguin version 3 is the latest update on the Google algo. This has said to improve the penalties and search techniques in various ways. It has majorly affected the queries put up in English language by a cut of 0.3-.04%. It also has an additional feature which makes it possible for the users to provide their valuable feedback. Many judicial bodies such as that of Japan, confronted and directed Google to develop an algo which reduces the criminal activities which take place while searching on Google.

Keeping all the points in mind, Google worked towards making a strong foundation in terms of a search algo and hence, Google Penguin came to play. This algo also brings a special tool called the Disavow Tool. This specific tool is useful to remove penalties. In case you fear that some particular linked content on your website can prove to bring you disadvantage or are malicious, you can easily put these links in the disavow category while using Google Penguin.

This latest update of Penguin is a very good deal.

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