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Latest Update on Jessica Shores Controversial Video

Find real facts from Jessica Shores explanation


Lake Elsinore, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Controversy over Jessica shores new video is well explained by the star with her real intention and actual facts. To know more about the controversy and after moths, logon to www.jshomusic.com or send email to mike@mikezunker.com

Controversies on YouTube videos are pretty common as it is a popular video network broadcasted across the globe. Whenever a new video is posted, there might be some or other objectionable tweaks. People who feel offended raise their voice and the videos rating get hampered. This is in practice but not at all cases. Sometimes, popular videos too experience such situation as there might be some objectionable clips that are captured unintentional. Viewers must understand the situation and accept the apologies by the presenter.

Similar situation has been faced by Jessica Shores latest video “Do the Miley Cyrus” released by Vevo. This video is featured by popular celebrities like Ron Jeremy & Jessica Shores. In this video, Jessica tweaks on Buddha idol which has created huge controversy. Buddhist fans have objected this action and spread rumors and negative comments about the video. These negative comments spread viral across YouTube and face book. Based on these allegations, YouTube has banned the video on the grounds of graphic content.

Jessica Shore has expressed her concern and honest confession regarding the objective jesters. She has commented on her face book account that she had no idea about the statue was related to a religion. In her apology, she has expressed that she felt it was just a decorative item placed at her friend’s mansion. She has even stated that, if at all she had any idea about the statue, she would have never done that tweak. She has sincerely made an apology for hurting Buddhist feelings and stated that will never do such acts in future.

Many people have raised their voice on the discriminative nature of YouTube against Jessica’s video when it has let Miley Cyrus’s naked wrecking ball video is posted. After an appeal from various walks of people, YouTube has reversed their decision and allowed the re-release of the banned version of Jessica Shore’s video. The reposting of banned version is climbing the charts once again with huge numbers.

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