Latest Upgrades of Nissan Serena Release at January 2013 and Nissan Evalia Is the Featured Nissan Product


Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has decided to release a minivan named Nissan Serena. It is now widely available in the market around the globe. The Nissan Serena offers the customers a car with a class-leading interior roominess. The outward visibility of this car is excellent, besides the driving case and the seating configurations which are now flexible. The Nissan Serena is introduced with a stylish interior and exterior. With a modern technology in it, this car is offered with a model lineup.

Nissan Serena For General (harga Nissan serena)
The 2012 Nissan Serena comes up as a safe, roomy, comfortable and practical seven seat Multi Purpose Vehicle. However, it is then offered with a more expensive price being compared to the rival cars on the same class. The Nissan Serena price is destined for the customers with a loose budget. This vehicle features a very versatile as well as adjustable interior. The seats could be easily adjusted in 11 different positions and the seats on the third row can utilize assist springs. The Nissan Serena price is ranging from 2,131,500 yen to 2,709,000 yen. Approximately, being converted to US Dollars, the customers need to prepare a budget of 26,500 USD to 34,000 USD to bring this Nissan Serena to their garage.

harga nissan serena at Jakarta start from 291.400.000 – 358.376.000 in Rupiah

With that amount of money,. the customer has chosen a very comfortable ad roomy vehicle for their family. The Nissan Serena features advanced interior spaciousness, Serena DNA as well as user friendliness. The Nissan Serena price is an investment in a car with a new idling stop system adopted from an ECO motor. This system is meant to restart the car's engine and become an alternator when the car is decelerating.

The Price of Nissan Evalia (harga Nissan evalia)
These days, the market has so many types of MPV to offer. The customers are provided with many options. Every manufacturer of cars including Nissan is forced to play their part in the market in a smart way. Nissan has come up with Nissan Evalia with a number of models for the customers.

harga nissan evalia in Jakarta start from 145.000.000-188.000.000 in Rupiah

The entry level trim of this charming seven seater multi purpose vehicle is Nissan Evalia XE. This model provides the customers comfortable and essential safety features. The Nissan Evalia XE has been one of the most impressive choice for the customer with bigger family as it can easily accommodate seven passengers. The on the road price of Nissan Evalia XE is around $19,200

The next variant is Nissan Evalia XE Plus that features a 1-Din music system and four speakers in it besides a number of other comfort features including the refreshing interior, reclining seats as well as premium upholstery. The price of Nissan Evalia XE Plus is about $20,200

The rest of the models are Nissan Evalia XL and Nissan Evalia XV. Both models consecutively cost about $21,400 and $22,500. These two models are certainly offered with more expensive prices as they are equipped with more comforts and features. All in mobil nissan.

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