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“Latitude Mediaz is a web company that has specialized in providing best and fastest service of web development and design in Nairobi, KE in return of very low cost ; so that any new website can now expect to draw enough visitors, ensuring its success here.”


Nairobi, Kenya -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- The success and popularity of a website largely depend on the design and development of that site, which makes it look attractive to the people visiting it. Hence designing and developing the website in the best possible way is the main target of anyone who wants to launch a new site in this virtual world. But now in Kenya, Latitude Mediaz has turned into a great solution to these new web-owners, with the help of its technically expert team members.

Web development in Kenya was never this simple, before Latitude Mediaz started its operations here in Nairobi and now facilitates all the website-owners of Kenya. Unlike other web developers who use mainly HTML format for all web developing services; Latitude Mediaz use only WordPress software to build the websites of their clients. Hence the clients receive their websites absolutely ready within at the most 4 days, compared to the traditional method which would take several days for completion of a site. The 3 main reasons for the popularity of their service in the field of web design in Kenya are as follows –

- Their designed websites are 100% customizable; hence any change is possible in the appearance of those sites at any time.
- These websites are very easy to operate by their owners and also by the prospective customers of those sites, due to the use of WordPress.
- The websites build with WordPress respond much better in the search engines like Google, thus increasing the scope of more business and followings through those websites. WordPress web pages are indexed in Google within few hours, rather than in few weeks time.

Latitude Mediaz has developed many E-commerce websites, membership websites, sites designated for the promotion of any author, political leader, NGOs, real estate projects, training academies and consultancy services in Kenya till date. They are now charging the clients only $200 or KSH 16 000 to design and develop a website in Kenya, as per their new web development package.

Therefore if one wishes to get a new website for a business or social work, one would need to contact Latitude Mediaz and order their service of web development and design in Nairobi, KE. One can send them an email, asking for all the details in their official email or can get their phone number and full information about their web development process from their official website

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