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Latorre Insurance: A New Look for a Charlotte Insurance Leader

Latorre Insurance Charlotte offer you the solutions that best fit your needs. They treat each and everyone of our clients with respect and understanding as we provide them with the best available insurance policies.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- Here at CGR we only do work we can be proud of. It is what you say and do when others put their faith and trust in your decisions that really matter. Doing things right is a matter of pride in work and this sense of pride is what make someone’s work stand out. When we were approached by prominent local businessman Richard Latorre of Latorre Insurance and known for his name on the super popular Latorre’s nightclub, we knew it was his high standards we had to meet. We do not meet our client’s expectations for their good but for our own. Loving what you do and having a desire to create every single day is the fuel for a successful career in web design and inbound marketing.

Here at CGR Creative under the direction of Chief Creative Partner Jason Ramsey and Marketing Director Todd Kron every decision is a matter of taking pride in our work. “Even on my days off I work, because I don’t see it as work but as a creative outlet to sell, market and design for the web.” Says Todd Kron. Mr. Kron was responsible for much of the planning, overall tone approach and personality behind the new look and feel of Latorre Insurance. Jason Ramsey of CGR Creative goes on to explain, “Working with people who take pride in their name in the business community is just the kind of company I want to keep. I have no greater satisfaction that work that makes myself proud and leaves a client over delivered. If you don’t accept only quality work it is time to pursue a new line of work.”.

CGR worked together with Mr. Richard Latorre to plan a look and feel that he will have to look at for years to come. Getting it just right prevents any client from always wondering what if. We want our clients to be down the road years from now and still proud of their online presence.

Part of this project was planning an inbound marketing campaign that would saturate the market. With the wide range of great brands and types of insurance Mr. Latorre offers it was imperative to plan ahead of time in the site design. We managed a minimal, professional and clean looking site for At the same time thought was given to the taxonomy, folder structure and the real terminology people search for online. We look forward to making our relationship a profitable one not for ourselves, but for the clients we over-deliver too.

Richard Latorre and Latorre Insurance Group have long been leaders in the Charlotte Community, the Hispanic community and now is a friend and partner we respect and look forward to working with for the long term future.

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