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Launch of 7KetoPure.com Causes a Buzz in the Weight Loss Market


Lakewood Ranch, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- Losing those few extra kilos from around the waist line, or anywhere else for that matter, is something that most people find very hard to do. Finding the time to exercise these days or sticking to a very restricted diet plan can be quite a difficult task.

According to recent consumer feedback there’s a new product that’s just come on the market that helps people lose the extra flab much more easily. 7-Keto Pure is a completely natural weight loss supplement that works with the body’s natural metabolic processes to help people lose weight.

7-Keto is a natural by product of the DHEA hormone that’s found in the human body. As people age the levels of DHEA in the body drop which naturally reduces the amounts of 7-Keto. With less 7-Keto, the metabolism slows which leads to weight gain.

7-Keto works by stimulating the thyroid gland, which in turn increases the metabolic rate. The faster metabolism enables the body to burn fat quicker resulting in less weight gain. Most importantly, it’s 100% natural and has absolutely no side effects so is completely safe for adults to take.

To make it even more effective, the developers of 7-Keto Pure have included a few other natural ingredients to enhance its performance. The herb relora has been added to help reduce stress and appetite, while the Indian herb forskolin assists in breaking down fat already stored in the body. The caraway extract is a powerful digestive aid that promotes good bacteria in the gut, improving digestion of food.

A spokesperson for 7-KetoPure.com explained why they added the additional ingredients:

“Most people now understand the power of 7-Keto but we wanted to make our product the best on the market. To do that we looked at all aspects of weight loss including some of the issues the body has to deal with when quick weight loss occurs. The relora alleviates stress on the body and the forskolin plays an important part in ensuring dieters loses fat not muscle. It’s also vital that maximum nutrients are extracted from the food dieters do eat and that is aided by caraway extract. We believe this package of ingredients promotes weight loss but also keeps the body strong and healthy during the process”

7KetoPure.com, are so confident about the quality of their product, that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee for their customers. A plethora of reviews can be viewed on their site including video testimonials.

About 7-Keto Pure
7KetoPure.com are suppliers of the natural weight loss supplement, 7-Keto Pure, that works by raising the body’s metabolic rate. For more information please visit: http://7KetoPure.com