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Launch of Hotcup.Co.Uk Brand New Online Shop

Recently, Hot Cup launched their new UK online Shop. Hot Cup is a premier online site for anybody looking for specialty teas coffees, herbs, spices, and accessories.


Poznan, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2016 -- Recently, Hot Cup launched their new UK online Shop. Hot Cup is a premier online site for anybody looking for specialty teas coffees, herbs, spices, and accessories.

Hot Cup is the British twin of the largest tea and coffee store currently operating in Poland. The firm has been trading since 2007, and in that short time, has gone from strength to strength. They are renowned for their expertise in all things tea and coffee and have begun branching out into herbs, yerba and spices too. Their aim is to offer UK customers the best value for money possible on all their purchases.

A Large Variety Of Rare Specialty Teas And Coffees

Hot Cup prides itself on being able to source a wide variety of specialty teas. It offers many rare varieties of tea, including green, yellow, white and black. Examples include Matcha, Ginseng Oolong, African Queen and Sencha Guarana. In African Queen, bluebottle leaves are mixed with blue flower petals, lemon zest, and cornflower to produce a deep flavour. Sencha Guarana is made from the guarana plant and is designed as a replacement for coffee.

In all, Hot Cup offers over 143 different types of herbal teas. Each product page has a section that describes in detail how the tea is made, what it tastes like and the food that complements it best. Teas are sourced from places as far flung as the Caribbean and China.

Hot Cup also prides itself on being able to source some of the world's best coffees. Common beans, like Arabica Costa Rica, are listed alongside rarer varieties, such as Santos Green Arabica. Confectionery items can also be found on the site, including coffee grounds smothered in white chocolate.


Yerba, also known as Argentine Gold, has very similar stimulating properties to coffee. It contains a compound called mateine which is very similar to caffeine in coffee. Hot Cup warn that mateine is capable of producing a far greater buzz than ordinary caffeine, making yerba much stronger than coffee.

In all, Hot Cup sources over 51 different types of yerba tea.

Segmented According To Need

Because of the sheer number of teas and coffees on offer, Hot Cup segments products by need. Customers can choose between products that have additives and those that are additive free. They can also shortlist teas that are either stimulating or calming. Because some customers prefer their tea in pyramids, there is an option to filter by bag type.


Hot Cup points out that herbal teas and coffees are more than mere drinks. They have become traditions, passed down over the centuries. As a result, there's a particular way in which herbal teas and coffees should be prepared. Therefore, Hot Cup sources traditional accessories to help customers have an authentic experience. On offer are tea infusers, tea timers, and a unique device to help when drinking Mate.

About Hot Cup
Hot Cup imports coffees from every coffee producer in the world. The company is currently working on increasing its range of high-quality teas, coffees, and accessories.

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