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Launch of NailRENEW Offers Nail Fungus Sufferers Hope of Effective Cure


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- Nail fungus is a relatively common affliction as statistics show more than 80 percent of the population have had it at one point or another. The biggest problem is that there is no real cure, so people have to live with this embarrassing condition. NailRENEW™ ( website ), however, promises to change all that. A treatment designed to attack nail fungus from all sides, it is based on a proprietary formula that includes various compounds and mild surfactants, along with tolnaftate, which is an anti-fungal active ingredient approved by the FDA.

Onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus, is an unpleasant condition that can persist indefinitely if it's not treated. Many people, however, either aren't aware that their nails are infected or believe that if they let it be, it will clear up on its own. This is a mistake because nail fungus is quite persistent and instead of clearing up, it will spread to healthy nails, making it even harder to get rid of.

Ideally, nails should be checked regularly for sign of infection, which can start out as a white or yellow spot under the tip of a nail. Of course, it's easier to recognize once it advances as the nail may thicken, discolor, and become very brittle, crumbly or even ragged. Nails also lose their luster and become dull. One might also find their nails become darker due to debris accumulating under the nail. If the nail fungus is not treated, the condition can worsen to the point where the patient experiences pain in their toes or fingertips and the nail could separate from the nail bed.

Nail fungus is often caused by fungi called dermatophytes. Fungi are microscopic organisms that thrive in dark, moist environments. Not all fungi are bad as some do have benefits, but many can cause illnesses and conditions such as nail fungus. The latter tends to affect toenails more than fingernails because toes are encased in shoes all day long, providing fungi with the perfect environment in which to thrive. Furthermore, due to reduced blood circulation in the toes compared to the fingers, it's harder for the human body to detect and fight the infection.

Clearly, the only way to effectively eliminate nail fungus is with proper treatment. Unfortunately, most people tend to shy away from going to the doctor once they've ascertained they have nail fungus because they are embarrassed. They feel it's a sign of poor hygiene when the fact is that one can pick up these fungi just by walking barefoot in a high-traffic area, like a locker room or a pool. So, they attempt to treat nail fungus with various home remedies, including foot baths and cough syrup. Some will even go so far as to try to treat their condition with laser when they find that many antibiotics simply aren't strong enough to deal with it.

The fact is that most of these conventional treatments don't work and the wide range of so-called all natural solutions available on the market are practically the same thing marketed under different names. They're simply solutions based on supposedly completely natural remedies that far to often fall short.

NailRENEW™ is one of the only treatments to hit the market that backs up its claims with a full guarantee. It was designed to effectively combat nail fungus, which is why it utilizes Tolnaftate, an FDA approved antifungal known for its ability to treat ringworm and nail fungus. Along with other compounds and mild surfactants, NailRENEW™ has the capacity to penetrate the nail and get deep under the nail, ensuring complete eradication of the fungi. Thus, nail fungus can't hide under the nail and continue to spread, which is what happens with conventional treatments.

"We knew the market was hungry for a real nail fungus treatment. People have had enough of dealing with this embarrassing condition without seeing any results. We've formulated a treatment that delivers. NailRENEW™ works and even though we know some people will be skeptical, we're just as sure that once they've tried it, they won't be able to deny the great results," NailRENEW's founder shared.

NailRENEW has been formulated to deliver results instead of empty promises. Based on years of scientific research and input from patients suffering from nail fungus, this treatment promises to do what so many others can't and that is to get rid of nail fungus once and for all.

About NailRENEW
NailRENEW™ is formulated with a proprietary mixture of clinically proven ingredients and a unqiue delivery system to eliminate fungus and promote healthy nail regrowth.

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