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Launch of Riliance Assist Attracts over 200 New Clients

Riliance Assist proudly announces 200 firms now subscribe to riliance assist package


Tarporley, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Riliance Software proudly announces that already 200 firms are subscribing to the Riliance Compliance Assist service that sits alongside its market leading risk and compliance software. By using Riliance Assist the people responsible for risk management within a firm have access to a complete solution to ensure that they comply with the regulatory regime under the SRA code of conduct. The services include a range of best practice guidance, up to date policies, CPD webinars as well as training and support on all key areas of risk management.

"Many law firms find they struggle with paper based or manual processes and making use of the appropriate compliance software helps to deliver visibility, control and time management efficiencies. The regulator is not the only consideration with PII insurers now playing a big part in the future of law firm survival. Riliance have developed the specialist systems and compliance support services to help firms take control of these business critical areas, " Mark Gidge, CEO is quoted.

"With regulation and compliance often seen as a negative and a costly impairment, some overlook the very tangible positive outcomes of getting this area of management right. The range of quality improvements driven by regular file reviews, efficient complaint and risk management alongside measurement of client feedback can be immensely powerful and help a firm to engender loyalty from clients across a range of services. Riliance and Assist embeds a culture of compliance which helps to drive quality of service, this is after all, what OFR is intended to deliver to clients of law firms. Regulation shouldn't just be seen as a policing of the legal sector and should deliver real benefits to firms who demonstrate that they care about the service they provide," Gidge continues.

The software breaks compliance down into small digestible components, making it easy to implement and control, and Riliance Assist helps to put the use of the software into context with the SRA code of conduct and the wider regulatory regime.

"We are essentially providing the tools and the knowledge for practices in one package which will significantly reduce the burden on the COLP/COFA and risk team."

About Riliance Assist
Riliance is the market leading software for risk and compliance management with over 1,000 legal practice clients.

Riliance Assist works alongside the software to implement strategies designed to increase employee knowledge and efficiency in compliance and risk management.