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Launch of 'The Prive Card': Savings Card & Mobile App Duo Provide Fundraising Opportunities for Local Schools and Non-Profits

Orlando based, The Prive Card is a membership-based savings card with a charitable edge. While consumers can enjoy excellent benefits, perks and save cash, schools, sports teams and other non-profit organizations can also join a network to raise awareness and funds.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- The launch of The Prive Card, a new membership based savings card, is mutually beneficial for local business owners, consumers and non-profit organizations.

While the card helps members save thousands of dollars over the course of a year, its real benefit to Orlando and surrounding areas is its fundraising network, with non-profit organizations able to raise funds through selling the card at events like car washes, bake sales, sports games, concerts or other activities.

As spokesperson David Barborka points out, the card has a myriad of benefits to the community.

“Business owners can drive business to their locations, consumers receive discounts around town and schools and non-profits can raise money. It truly is a win-win for everyone,” says Barborka. “The membership benefits are fantastic – everything you can imagine is covered – like dining, automotive, shopping and much more. People tell us they’re just happy to get rid of those clunky coupon books and carry around the card instead.”

The card is sold in two different ways. Prospective members can either choose to purchase through the mobile app and have the membership card sent to them through the mail, or The Prive Card is sold during fundraisers. Their network of fundraising partners is important to the company, and they cannot stress enough how much they appreciate and value the organizations that use The Prive Card as a way to reach their fundraising goals.

“Our primary focus is on helping these schools and non-profits and giving back to the community,” says another Management Team Member, Kash Sheth. “When we dreamt up The Prive Card, it was the first thing on our minds – how we could create this symbiotic relationship between businesses, consumers and non-profit organizations. It’s wonderful to see consumers giving back by using the card, and it’s fantastic when we heard from people who have had successful events and raised much needed funds.”

Backed by its mobile app, The Prive Card allows members to view any Prive Hosted events that may be coming up in their area, and crucially, where they can receive a discount by using their card. Members can also receive benefits from over 100 local merchants – and growing - in the Orlando area, and attend Prive exclusive events throughout the year. These include cooking classes, mixology classes, games, and much more.

Located in Orlando, Florida, The Prive Card will also soon be launched in Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Cincinnati and Washington, D.C.

About the Prive Card
The Prive Card has been created to provide a mutually beneficial solution for business owners who are looking for a free way to market their product and for consumers who are looking to enjoy the businesses around them but can spend less money while doing it. The Prive Card creates a win-win solution for schools/non-profit groups, business owners and consumers.