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Launch of TheSameDayLoans.co.uk Company Website Brings Instant Cash and Transparency to UK Customers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- The new instant online payday loans provider TheSameDayLoans is pleased to announce the launch of their new payday loan service at http://www.thesamedayloans.co.uk/ for UK customers. The new service is founded on ethical and responsible lending as well as the ability to provide UK customers with instant loans.

As people across the UK adjust to an ever-tightening economy, more are seeing the need for a little extra financial help in times of emergency or just to pay bills between paychecks. While the immediacy of need and stringent requirements makes bank loans inaccessible to many, payday loan providers must be carefully scrutinized to find the most ethical and responsible lender.

The search is over for many throughout the UK with the launch of TheSameDayLoans instant payday loans service. “UK payday loan seekers want transparency and fairness from their lenders as well as fast access to cash, and we opened our doors to fulfill each of those needs,” said a specialist from TheSameDayLoans.co.uk.

TheSameDayLoans.co.uk offers instant payday loans online via an easy process that allows UK customers to borrow money and repay it in a reasonable time period. Although some payday services can only be used for a tiny cash amount, the new instant online payday loans provider allows borrowers to choose their own amount. Borrowers only need to ensure that they can pay it back on their next payday. In some cases they will even offer an extension to take the pressure off of paying back the chosen amount.

Submission of a simple online application form brings instant acknowledgement of approval with funds deposited to the person’s account within 24 hours. TheSameDayLoans.co.uk usually does not perform a credit check, so applicants are assured there will be no trail left on their credit report. In addition, applicants do not need to provide any financial documentation during the application process. The only requirements are that the applicant must be a UK citizen over 18 years of age, have a reliable source of income, and have a UK bank account. The latter is to allow direct deposit of funds and a simple way to conveniently pay back the loan.

In addition to their speed, flexibility and superior customer service, TheSameDayLoans company brings a great deal of transparency to its UK clients so that they know that they are dealing with an ethical and responsible company. “As a new UK payday loan company, we are committed to responsible lending and pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to rates, time-scales and eligibility,” said the specialist. For more information, please visit http://www.thesamedayloans.co.uk/

About TheSameDayLoans.co.uk
The new online payday loan company provides instant payday loans to UK customers in need of short-term loans. Borrowers are assured of a simple online form process with no credit checks and the ability to choose how much they wish to borrow. Their website and service is entirely safe and secure while their borrower requirements are few and include being a UK citizen of at least 18 years of age with proof of income and a UK bank account. The trusted UK loan website adheres to all the finance laws and regulations and is founded on ethical practices such as transparency of rates, time scales and eligibility.