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Launching Agenty - the Ai Based Data Scraping Tool to Convert Any Website Into Agents


Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2017 -- In the 21st century, when the world is highly dependent on computers for information processing, Website Scraping has been a very useful tool in the hands of the efficient. It is a process, by which information is copied from the web, typically into a spreadsheet, or a local database, for use in the near future.

The page is first fetched and extracted from the World Wide Web (WWW), and then an automated processor uses a bots or a web crawler to download it. This is an Online Scraping, a form of Website Scraping, which has come into its prime due to the prevalence of high speed internet.

This mode of information processing is used for contact scraping, web indexing, and several other web related features. But, due to the presence of several sites that are created for human-end users there have been several apps present, that derail bots used Data Scraping Tool. This is where Agenty comes into play.

About Agenty
Agenty is a cloud hosted web scraping app, that helps in extracting data from web pages, Ajax sites, xml and others. This app makes extraction of data easy, and swift, with the process, enabling first time users a tried and tested way, to facilitate their actions. Most of the company's customers have always returned happy because of the amazing service that the business provides in the most efficient way.

Also, this app schedules timings, saves data, alerts the users when scraping is done, and distributes the bots over several machines that speeding up the process.

What puts this site above the rest, is that it allows users to script and modify the scraped data according to their choices. This site is creating waves in the technological world, and users wouldn't want to miss it. One can always contact the business through the following communication address.

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