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Laura Barone Creates Barone Enterprise, Becoming One of the First Female CEOs in an Online Trading Company


Dubai City, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2021 -- With vast experience, Laura Barone manages to be one of the first female CEOs in the online trading sector.

She is the leader of the new financial services company, Barone Enterprise.

"I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted, and that's how Barone Enterprise is born, with a lot of effort and involvement." Said Laura Barone

Laura Barone is a benchmark and pioneer in the economic sector.

At 20, she was one of the youngest women to run a bank in Canada. She admits that holding this position, being a woman was difficult.

Therefore, go one step further and create her own company in a male sector, increase her merit. She can be a reference for women in this world.

Years later, Laura Barone was the chief personnel manager of an online trading company. Her professional experience has always been linked to investment and finance.

"I have learned a lot of knowledge in recent years, and I want to apply it in Barone Enterprise." She added.

Laura Barone has worked in Canada and Europe. Her next destination, due to Barone Enterprise, will be Dubai.She holds a degree in psychology speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

Barone Enterprise is made up of expert staff in the field of online trading. Barone Enterprise group is already working on its objectives.

"My team of developers has been in charge of applying the idea I had in my mind. I explained my vision to them and they shared it". She said.

Its products and services will be available, starting in February.

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