Laura Stamper Seeks Funding Support via Kickstarter to Raise Funds for the Expansion of Laura Stamper Designs

After 23 years of working solo, international reach and national recognition, Laura Stamper is busting at the seams! Where does she grow from here?


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- Laura Stamper always felt that her art has led her. The evolution of her craft seems to have a life of its own. Laura started her business in 1991 by using her painting and illustration background to make jewelry. When she started, she was simply drawing and glazing little porcelain pictures, turning them into jewelry by gluing the findings to the backs of the pieces. The personal need to keep her pieces fresh and ever changing quickly pushed Laura to expand her repertoire of skills.

However, instead of abandoning one part of her craft for another, she just kept adding new elements to her designs. The drawings transformed into sculpture, and in 1996, she began to incorporate her porcelain miniatures with precious metals and stones. Working with metal has opened an entire new universe to Laura.

More recently, Laura has added enamels and cloisonné to her pieces, as well as expanding her use of creative metal forming. As her work becomes more intricate and labor intensive, Laura has found that she not only needs new equipment, but also needs more time in the studio.

In order to do this, Laura needs to free up the time she spends with the "business end" of her business. She will hire a part time employee to perform the duties at the computer that keep her away from what Laura does best, which is to create. This part time position would include keeping current with advertising, social media and bookkeeping. Creating this new position of employment will help to make Laura Stamper Designs sustainable as well as stimulate the local economy with new job opportunities.

All of the money raised will go towards materials, equipment and salary for a part time employee. Any money raised beyond the goal will be used to purchase more equipment from Laura’s wish list and increase staffing. This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Sat, Aug 30 2014 8:01 PM +05:30.

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About Laura Stamper
Laura Stamper grew up in rural Minnesota and was greatly affected by the beauty in nature around her. As a child, she was always making things with mud and drawing on walls. Along with nature and its influence on her work, she is drawn to creating the feminine image in her pieces. Laura has never had a shortage of imaginative and creative thoughts. The work often leads her to see new things that her hands are anxious to make. Much of Laura’s inspiration is rooted in story. Each piece of miniature wearable sculpture has its own personality and its own story to tell.