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Laura's Sonoma Massage Announces Record Appointments Scheduled for Athletic Massage Therapy Treatment

This latest press release talks about the increased demand for massage therapy by a wide range of athletes. From tennis pros to golfers and bodybuilders as well as runners and others, massage is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of an overall health program.


Sonoma, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- Laura's Sonoma Massage, a respected name in Sonoma California massage therapy announces record scheduled appointments for athletic massage therapy treatment in NAPA and other local areas. Laura's Sonoma Massage has seen a steady increase in the number of athletes who wish to improve their performance and accelerate healing through massage therapy. From golfers to tennis pros and bodybuilders as well as runners and many other sports enthusiasts, touch therapy or bodywork is becoming an important element of an overall fitness program. In fact, when therapeutic bodywork is combined with proper nutrition and adequate stretching and exercise, athletes can enjoy a wide range of important benefits. From accelerated healing to reduced injuries and better mobility, touch therapy plays an important role in helping athletes enjoy an improved quality of life.

Equally important is the fact that therapeutic bodywork helps to accelerate detoxification of the body thereby enhancing performance. When muscles are more flexible and relaxation is increased, the end result is better overall functioning. The metabolic process is facilitated and improved when massage is a regular part of the athlete's normal routine. Most importantly, taking the time to enjoy therapeutic bodywork simply allows an athlete to relax and regenerate. Cell regeneration is an important aspect of overall athletic performance.

Athletes of all ages are turning to therapeutic bodywork as a way to improve performance and better handle a wide range of injuries. When nutrients, oxygen and other important essential fluids flow better throughout the body, athletes enjoy superior performance and faster recovery times. These key benefits simply cannot be overlooked in today's world where athletic activity is on the rise. Touch therapy also aids in better sleep and greater levels of emotional health. Laura has years of experience in providing the best in therapeutic bodywork treatment throughout Sonoma and the surrounding areas. She has stated on multiple occasions that, "the main goal of Laura's Sonoma Massage is to help people of all ages and in all walks of life experience improved levels of health through healing Sonoma massage therapy." This recent announcement with regard to record scheduled appointments for athletic massage therapy treatments is just one more bit of evidence that Sonoma therapeutic massage or bodywork has real and measurable benefits for those who are actively involved in athletic activity.

About Laura's Sonoma Massage
Laura's Sonoma Massage is a privately owned business offering therapeutic massage from a beautiful cedar log cabin setting surrounded by panoramic views. Laura offers several massage modalities for those with a wide variety of ailments as well as those who are simply looking for stress, pain or strain relief. Laura has years of experience as a registered nurse and is a certified massage therapist in the state of California. She offers clients reasonably priced high-quality massage therapy that incorporates the use of several key massage modalities for proven health and wellness benefits.

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