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Laura's Sonoma Massage Announces Record Inquires Regarding Paraffin Treatment for the Hands and Feet

This most recent press release highlights the announcement by Laura’s Sonoma Massage as it relates to record inquires regarding Paraffin Treatment for the hands and feet. It discusses the growing number of people today that are looking for healthy and more natural approaches to wellness without the use of pharmaceutical medications or invasive surgery. The press release also examines the benefits of Paraffin Treatments and how “heat” therapy can help with a full range of health conditions.


Forestville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2016 -- Laura's Sonoma Massage, a touch therapy provider that is certified in the state of California to offer professional massages in Sonoma California announces record inquires regarding Paraffin treatment for the hands and feet. Laura has seen a steady and growing interest throughout the region among the local community regarding "heat" therapy. It is frequently used in coordination with massage therapy. From paraffin dips to hot soaks, heat can be the perfect compliment to traditional massage. As a Sonoma massage therapist, Laura has stated that, " the use of heat is effective because it penetrates deep into the muscles and soft tissue to relax the body in a very beneficial way." She goes on to say that, " when "heat" is combined with professional touch therapy the results are often quite impressive in terms of healing."

Laura's Sonoma Massage has experienced a steady increase in clients that are interested in paraffin treatments for both the hands and feet. This is also true regarding growing demand for hot tub therapy when used with deep tissue or Swedish modalities. With a growing number of people today looking for healthy and more natural approaches to wellness without the use of pharmaceutical medications and invasive surgery, "heat" therapy is quickly growing in popularity. From lower back pain to headaches and neck pain as well as muscle spasms and poor mobility, touch therapy offers so much in the way of natural healing.

This increased interest in touch therapy is likely a testament to the shift away from aggressive and in some cases dangerous invasive techniques and surgery to whole body wellness concepts. From organic foods to low-impact exercise routines and Yoga, the shift in this direction is becoming more evident and more obvious each and every day. Health and wellness are the new standard as people from all walks of life turn to massage, nutrition, meditation and other modalities as a way to enjoy a better quality of life. This recent announcement with regard to record inquires regarding Paraffin treatment for the hands and feet is just one more additional and clear indicator that Laura's Sonoma Massage has effectively earned the respect and trust of the residents of beautiful California wine country by having provided outstanding Sonoma massages and heat therapy related services.

About Laura's Sonoma Massage
Laura's Sonoma Massage is a privately owned business offering therapeutic massage from a beautiful cedar log cabin setting surrounded by panoramic views. Laura offers several massage modalities for those with a wide variety of ailments as well as those who are simply looking for stress, pain or strain relief. Laura has years of experience as a registered nurse and is a certified massage therapist in the state of California. She offers clients reasonably priced high-quality massage therapy that incorporates the use of several key massage modalities for proven health and wellness benefits.

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