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Laura's Sonoma Massage Announces Upcoming Events Sponsored by Big Tree School of Natural Healing

This press release discusses upcoming events sponsored by Big Tree School Of Natural Healing. Laura's Sonoma Massage is letting clients and others throughout the region know about these exciting events that will feature informative gatherings on everything from fibromyalgia to acupuncture and massage therapy.


Napa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 -- Laura's Sonoma Massage, a respected and recognized source for professional certified therapeutic massage in Napa and Sonoma County announces upcoming events sponsored by Big Tree School Of Natural Healing. Laura's Sonoma Massage is proud to support Big Tree and all that it offers the community. Big Tree School Of Natural Healing is a school that makes available instruction in massage therapy as well as a number of other alternative treatments and therapies. The founder of the organization Cindy Black has a Masters degree in Chinese medicine and has studied massage therapy since the 1990s. Her unique and innovative approach to the science and spirituality of alternate medicine has allowed her to combine modern touch therapy with Chinese medical theory. This results in synergistic health benefits that cannot be ignored.

Big Tree School Of Natural Healing routinely sponsors various events, activities and classes throughout the year. Upcoming events include "Fibromyalgia Relief Using Meridians And Acupoints" scheduled for August 9th. In addition, on August 10th, Big Tree is hosting an event known as the "Guide To 60 Transformational Acupoints." This particular event also includes a student support call to help those who are trying to advance their career through a better understanding of various types of alternative healing therapies. Also on the schedule for the month of August and happening on August 17th is a program that is titled "All About The Spleen Meridian." Big Tree frequently offers classes and training in everything from energetic healing systems to traditional massage therapy and classes in classical Chinese medicine.

Laura's Sonoma Massage fully endorses and supports all of the work being accomplished by Big Tree School Of Natural Healing. Laura personally stays involved with continuing education offered by Big Tree and directs clients who are interested to get involved as well. Laura is a hands-on practitioner or certified bodywork professional who takes pride in providing the absolute best in therapeutic massage in Forestville Ca and Sonoma County. With a background in nursing, Laura understands the complexity of the human body and uses this knowledge to provide genuinely unique therapeutic bodywork for individuals who experience pain, fatigue and a wide range of other conditions and symptoms. Laura offers certified therapeutic massage in Napa from her exclusive Sonoma rural retreat that features breathtaking views and unrivaled natural beauty. This recent announcement with regard to upcoming events sponsored by Big Tree School Of Natural Healing is just further confirmation that Laura's Sonoma Massage is dedicated to providing the very best in touch therapy and Sonoma therapeutic massage that consistently produces real results for clients. Laura is on Twitter.

About Laura's Sonoma Massage
Laura's Sonoma Massage is a privately owned business offering therapeutic massage from a beautiful cedar log cabin setting surrounded by panoramic views. Laura offers several massage modalities for those with a wide variety of ailments as well as those who are simply looking for stress, pain or strain relief. Laura has years of experience as a registered nurse and is a certified massage therapist in the state of California. She offers clients reasonably priced high-quality massage therapy that incorporates the use of several key massage modalities for proven health and wellness benefits.

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