Laureate BVI Launches Referral Fee Program for Investment Funds

CEO Peter Tasca says, “We have one of the best performing funds in the world and this new program will allow advisors and professionals to receive commissions for referring new clients.”


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Laureate BVI will allow advisors and professionals to receive a portion of the management fee for client referrals.

According to CEO Peter Tasca, “With this program an advisor or family office can offer our fund without the client incurring additional management fees, it gives the advisors additional resources and saves the client money.”

The Referral Fee Program is designed to be a straightforward commission structure that provides generous rewards for referring new customers to Laureate BVI fund.

Once the advisor application is approved, one will receive a confirmation email along with a unique referral code. Any accounts opened through our Private Client Group with the code will be recognized as the advisor’s referral.

Laureate will pay 2% commission of the initial deposit and for Institutional accounts of $1 million or more Laureate will pay 1% commission of the initial deposit and then a management fee for the life of the account. “Most programs like this have all sorts of restrictions and limitations, like only paying commissions on the initial deposit or for only the first year,“ said Mr. Tasca. “We want our partners to benefit from every bit of success they help us generate.”

Laureate BVI Fund’s year-end return for 2013 now stands at 23% net of profits. The fund is ranked in the upper 10% of the top performing global funds, according to Bloomberg data.

Wall Street sat up and took notice when Laureate BVI launched a retail fund with a €2,500 minimum investment. CEO Peter Tasca says, “We’ve had huge demand for our retail fund. We’ve spoken to investors that have lost anywhere from €30,000 to €30,000,000 over the last few years and want a fund that can profit in any market environment.”

In 2013 Laureate issued a Buy recommendation on Facebook (FB) when the stock was at $27.43 per share. Laureate has reiterated it’s Buy rating on Facebook (FB) with a return of 110% for their clients.

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Laureate Trust provides expert portfolio management that achieves optimal results. The proven trading strategies are based on four principles: diversification, technical analysis, trend following and risk management, which combined have the potential to profit from any economic situation. This disciplined approach with our replicated trading strategies have a 10-year average of +31.6% per year. In 2013 this multiple platform strategy returned +23% net of all fees.

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