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Lauren Hurt Photography Launches Campaign Assisting Actors with Headshot Advice

Common mistakes with headshots can cost actors bookings reports Lauren Hurt, Hollywood headshot photographer


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- In the acting profession, a person's headshots are likened to his business cards, used by casting directors, producers, writers and directors to make a quick decision about a potential candidate, checking to see if they first have the right physical characteristics for a specific role. According to Lauren Hurt, professional photographer and owner of Lauren Hurt Photographer, the right headshots can determine the success rate for a number of actors in Hollywood these days, especially novices.

Says Hurt, "Having the right headshots in los angeles can make the difference between working steady and not working at all." With that in mind, Hurt's studio is launching a campaign to make new actors aware of the common mistakes made by novice actors and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Hurt confirms, saying, "All to often, we have frustrated actors and actresses coming to us upset with the pictures they have in hand. We look at their existing shots and we understand immediately what went wrong." Hurt goes on to say one of the common mistakes actors make in their headshots is typecasting themselves in their shots. "While certainly directors would like to see shots suggesting certain roles, they most definitely don't want to see actors dressed in costumes." She goes on to suggest actors do not use dramatic lighting or angles to bring out a mood.

"Actors, especially novices in the industry, truly need a professional headshot photographer to handle their shots, not depending on a family friend or some budget photographer to handle it. Agents and casting directors are able to spot poor quality headshots immediately, so remember the old adage that you get what you pay for."

Another mistake often seen in novice actor headshots los angeles is wearing too much makeup or not enough. Commenting on this, Hurt says, "While you probably do your own makeup everyday, for your headshots, professional makeup application is highly recommended. Yes, even for men!"

Finally, Hurt comments about the focus of the pictures. "Remember, the focus of the pictures should be you, not the location or how cool the shot is. The shot is not the focus, but you. This should not be a glamor shot, in fact, in many cases, you don't want to look glamorous at all. Trust the instincts of your photographer, especially one who has been specializing in headshots in the Hollywood sector for quite a while now. They won't steer you wrong."

About Lauren Hurt Photography
Lauren Hurt is an actor headshot photographer based in Los Angeles California, specifically the Hollywood area. She photographs headshots for up and coming actors as well as those established in the entertainment industry. With honest emotion and an unconventional style, Lauren has been professionally shooting portraits and headshots for five years.