LavHa Gives Back to Less Fortunate Communities

Southern California-based Jeweler Pursues Philanthropic Endeavors in Uganda, Peru, and the Philippines


Laguna Niguel, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2015 -- In the days leading up to Christmas, as we approach the end of the calendar year, countless businesses are slashing prices and creating great deals to entice shoppers. Large and small companies alike are doing everything they can to encourage purchases and market their product as the perfect stocking stuffer. There is one California-based retailer, however, whose interests are not solely to make a buck. Lavhá, based in Laguna Niguel, has turned their focus away from the materialistic tendencies associated with the holiday season and towards philanthropic pursuits that aim to give back. They have teamed up with communities on three different continents to collaborate and inspire interest from consumers. Plans are currently in motion to organize the sale of unique jewelry pieces from Uganda, Perú, and the Philippines.

In addition to working with people from the aforementioned countries, Lavhá employs stay at home and single moms in the OC area. The pieces they use from overseas include handwoven bags and traditional fabric bags that support the traditional weaving processes indigenous to the respective regions. Specifically, the bags from Perú are created by the Shipibo tribe – hand-embroidered and unique to their culture, buying these bags helps to keep the craftsmanship and the lives of the artisans alive.

Lavhá has spearheaded a trend towards using lava stones and essential oils in jewelry and leather accessories. Their initial foray into the marketplace has inspired a cavalcade of copycat ETSY stores, all trying to emulate the unique Lavhá style. The jewelry crafted by Lavhá combines the holistic, healing properties of natural gemstones with the essential oils.

The emphasis on essential oils comes from a holistic approach to living. Essential oils are derived from leaves, bark, flowers, roots, stems, and other parts of the whole plant. They are the healing liquid of plants that form the core of aroma therapy in addition to other natural, physical and psychological therapeutic practices. Free from artificially created perfumes or fragrances, the natural composition of essential oil molecules carefully penetrates the lungs when inhaled and absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream to deliver efficient, effective healing qualities.

Co-founder of Lavhá, Jessica Forest, spoke about the company's venture into the philanthropic realm, "When Nancy and I formed Lavhá, we created it with the mission and purpose of incorporating empowerment for the individual as well as communities around the world. This commitment is underscored by our relationship with these communities in Uganda, Perú, and the Philippines. Ultimately we are very excited to be working with them and to have the opportunity to give them something to look forward to, something to hope for, and a goal to be reached with our guidance."

About LavHa
Lavhá began in August of 2013 when Jessica Forest teamed up with Nancy Lin DeGregori to create the first ever lava stones used as a diffuser of essential oils. Their product boasts the abilities of a healing stone and a diffuser, and currently sells in retail locations across North America, including three stores in California and stores in nine other states as well as Canada. Lavhá is known for their essential oils, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and diffusing leather – and sells great products for women, men, and children, too.