LavHa Launches Brand New Line of Mala Jewelry

New Pieces Are Created By an Underprivileged Tribe in India


Laguna Niguel, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2016 -- Summertime is one full of magic, a time when families travel together, summer romances flourish, and the beautiful colors of the Earth come alive. It is also a time for new lines of jewelry, which Orange County native LavHa is happy to take part in. Their latest line of jewelry, known as Mala jewelry, was unleashed recently, just in time for the summer. Mala beads are traditionally Buddhist prayer beads, drawing allusions to the Catholic rosary with their use for reciting, chanting, and repeating a mantra for meditation purposes. LavHa's malas can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the waist, and are sure to brighten any outfit with beautiful accent colors.

LavHa has spearheaded a trend towards using lava stones and essential oils in jewelry and leather accessories. Their initial foray into the marketplace has inspired a cavalcade of copycat ETSY stores, all trying to emulate the unique LavHa style. The jewelry crafted by LavHa combines the holistic, healing properties of natural gemstones with the essential oils.

Historically, Mala jewelry is made with 108 beads, a significant number in Buddhism. 108 is a spiritually significant number that is representative of God/higher truth, emptiness, and eternity/infinity. In addition, 108 is known for its correlations with astrology, desires and feelings, and even Goddess' names. Although LavHa's malas do not utilize the traditional spacing pattern, they do contain the 108 beads.

The stretch cord that threads through the mala beads makes Mala jewelry perfect as a necklace or as an accessory worn around the waist. LavHa has put their own spin on the culturally significant jewelry by infusing lava into their malas to promote protectiveness, grounding, balance, and strength. The Mala sold by LavHa is likewise noteworthy for its production location. Always on the lookout for an opportunity to help others, LavHa has teamed up with an underprivileged tribe in India for the construction of the jewelry. The choosing of an Indian tribe not only demonstrates the company's selflessness, but their commitment to authenticity.

"We really liked the look and feel of the Mala beads, and we felt infusing them with lava gave them that much more power and strength," expressed company owner Jessica Forest. She continued, saying "The fact that they are made in India was perfect in our eyes, and exuded exactly the kind of genuine nature we aim to have in every piece of our collection."

About LavHa
LavHa began in August of 2013 when Jessica Forest teamed up with Nancy Lin DeGregori to create the first ever lava stones used as a diffuser of essential oils. Their product boasts the abilities of a healing stone and a diffuser, and currently sells in retail locations across North America, including three stores in California and stores in nine other states as well as Canada. LavHa is known for their essential oils, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and diffusing leather – and sells great products for women, men, and children, too.