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Lavida Ocean Personal Injury Law Launches to Promote Personal Injury Services to St Louis Citizens

Lavida Ocean is an experienced personal injury lawyer who has now launched ar personal website to help more potential clients find and engage with her via this new online outlet.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Personal injuries can have a devastating effect on people, and in ways they often don’t expect and aren’t prepared for. Such injuries can affect people not just in the short term but for life, and can scar people not just physically but mentally and emotionally. All of this mounts up hidden, ongoing costs that make an immediate claim highly recommended. Getting the maximum claim for an injury is the specialty of Lavida Ocean, who has founded a St. Louis personal injury law firm. She has just launched her new website to communicate more effectively online with potential clients.

The website includes a summary of Lavida’s qualifications and career, graduating from the prestigious Princeton University, joining a law firm before recently going independent. The new website also provides a blog that plans to cover key topics around personal injury law, including best practices for people to make a claim.

Lavida Ocean's Injury Law Firm is now open for business, and will defend client’s rights securing the maximum compensation possible, including detailed analysis of the needs of the injured party moving forward. The website features a comprehensive rundown of services, payment schemes and more, together with full and transparent terms of service and privacy policy.

A spokesperson for Lavida Ocean explained, “The new website is just getting started, and content is being added all the time to make it a valuable online resource for anyone who has experienced an accident in St. Louis that was someone else’s fault. As such, we recommend those visiting the site right now to bookmark the page and check back regularly for new updates. Lavida has a bright future ahead of her in personal injury law and is looking forward to seeking justice on behalf of her clients. She has a unique style that blends an aggressive pursuit of justice with a deep understanding and empathy with clients’ suffering.”

About Lavida Ocean
Lavida Ocean is a highly experienced, eminently professional, understanding and empathetic lawyer operating in St Louis, and specializing in the field of personal injuries. Her new website has just been launched to provide online resources to those who need more information about making a claim as well as information on her own practice and services. For more information please visit: