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Law Firm Authority Extends Alan Schill's Unique SEO PR Strategies to Firms Across the US

Law Firm Authority has seen Alan Schill earn a national reputation for law firm’s online marketing, and their services are now open to companies across the United States.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Online marketing has become the number one way to attract personal injury clients with up to 97% of consumers starting their searches online. Unfortunately very few law firms or SEO businesses know how to get top search rankings for legal terms. This has led to frustration for many legal firms while the select few reap huge benefits attracting large cases from free traffic. Alan Schill has specialized in transforming the fortunes of law firms throughout Colorado for years, and has now taken on clients from around the country as his successes have spread further than ever. The Law Firm Authority website now includes information on how firms can get PR on the world’s most influential websites and how it can result in page one rankings for valuable legal terms.

Law Firm Authority is the name of the website, but it is also most often how Alan Schill is described. His expertise in manipulating online traffic and guiding it to the firms he consults with is unparalleled. With coverage on CNN, FOX, CBS and over 150 other hugely influential online presences, law firms can become the number one name in their region for their specialty.

Alan Schill started his work in Colorado but can now offer his high quality services to any legal practice in any state, thanks to connections that have a global level reach and the latest evolutions in local search algorithms, which allow companies target only those in their local area, to maximize new prospective clients.

A spokesperson for Law Firm Authority explained, “Alan Schill is a client attraction specialist, and those law firms throwing money at expensive SEO consultancies are actually just hiring him by proxy, and could even save by cutting out the middle man to work directly with a specialist who has their best interests in mind. To celebrate opening the service up to companies across the country, we are offering a free one on one strategy call with Alan, who will outline the roadmap to greater success for your law firm, no matter the scale. Alan is focused on providing an outstanding ROI for his clients, he uses strategies and attacks search terms that produce bottom line profits for law firms.”

About Law Firm Authority
Law Firm Authority is the official online presence of Alan Schill, who is known throughout the US as the authority of law firm marketing online. He assists his clients in achieving rapid and sustainable growth in incoming calls and new cases. For more information please visit: