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Law Office of John C. Prezas Launches Juvenile Crime FAQ


Georgetown, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2012 -- The Law Office of John C. Prezas is a Central Texas-based, general law firm known for defending the residents of Williamson and Travis County against a variety of criminal charges. As a DWI and DUI defense lawyer. Already known for drug defense, juvenile defense, traffic and probation violations and other misdemeanor and felony crimes; now the Prezas office is proud to announce a new Juvenile Crime FAQ on its website to help inform consumers about juvenile crimes and to enable parents to better protect their children’s’ rights.

The FAQ is especially helpful if a minor has been detained by a school resource officer or the police, if Juvenile Services has a child in detention, or any circumstance arises where parents or guardians need legal resources for their children. In many cases, the incident that lead to the police taking the minor to juvenile detention is a piece of a larger picture -- the very picture is often ignored by schools and unknown to police, prosecutors, and the juvenile judge. Yet it is this bigger picture that is often crucial to making sure the best outcome prevails in interactions with the juvenile justice system.

Prior to law school, attorney John C. Prezas was a teacher serving children with special needs and learning difficulties. He understands that children sometimes act out to draw attention away from the real problems that lurk underneath, and that junior high and high schoolers are going through difficult, often troubling, periods in their development. Prezas understands the importance of communicating with young people, building trust, and seeking to understand the emotions behind the behavior.

He now combines his experience and empathy as both a teacher and an attorney, and makes that insight available on his new FAQ for clients, and anyone else, to use. To learn more, visit

About The Law Office of John C. Prezas
John C. Prezas is a former Williamson County prosecutor who handled misdemeanor and felony cases in both district and county courts for adults and juveniles. He understands how prosecutors put together cases and how they evaluate evidence. He is also a graduate of Harvard Law and a member of the Texas State Bar College, a unique society honoring the best educated lawyers in Texas. Given his in-depth knowledge of Texas criminal law and procedure, he has even helped other lawyers conduct their trials or appeals. As a juvenile lawyer John C. Prezas has handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases. He has tried jury cases ranging low level misdemeanors to felony cases where defendants faced life in prison. Contact John C. Prezas at or (512) 686-0105