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Law Offices of Brandon T. Williams to Change Name to Williams & Javellana, LLP

The popular law offices of Brandon T. Williams has a new partner and a new name as Javellana looks to help the company better represent more cases across multiple fields.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- The law has been created to protect people from wrongdoing, and one of the most essential elements of law is due process- the act of undergoing a trial to ascertain the truth of a situation before reaching a verdict. Unfortunately, individuals cannot rely on innocence to get the correct verdict without someone with in-depth knowledge of the law and the legal process. Brandon T Williams has long been an advocate for the accused, and his powers are now to be combined with those of fellow criminal defense attorney in Chico Mr. Javellana, to create a new law firm with twice the commitment, professionalism and power.

The new firm, Williams & Javellana LLP, will replace the Law Offices of Brandon T Williams and specialize not only in criminal defense, but in personal injury law, family law, divorce law, DUI cases and domestic violence cases- all fields in which both lawyers have extensive experience.

By combining their efforts in this new partnership, each is committing to a specific approach that they have pioneered in supporting clients. They offer a sympathetic, dedicated and energized approach to representation that amounts to much more than is found in large anonymous firms in which lawyers do not have a personal stake in the outcome.

A spokesperson for Williams & Javellana LLP explained, “Brandon T Williams is thrilled to welcome Mr. Javellana to the practice and everyone here is very excited about what the future holds for legal representation in California. Anyone looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Chico and the surrounding areas will now be best served by our practice, because we offer two amazing records instead of one, and each of our lawyers has strong specialties that mean we can always offer the right representation no matter the nature of the case.”

About Williams & Javellana, LLP
Williams and Javellana both attended law school because of an unshakeable belief that those accused of a crime need justice. They offer highly competent and committed legal services to investigate the case and present a defense with passion, skill and determination. Putting time, energy and determination into understanding and listening to clients, they will be best placed to be their advocate in a high stakes environment. For more information please visit: