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Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC Offering Legal Representation to Whistleblowing Employees

Los Angeles based Law Offices of Cummings & Franck; PC is offering legal representation to whistleblowing employees that have faced retaliation at the hands of the employers.


Gardena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Whistleblower employees retaliated against by the employer can seek legal assistance from Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC, a reputable law firm in Los Angeles specializing in employment issues. The law firm represents the people that have evidence of illegal acts committed by the employer but feel helpless.

“Employees may suffer adverse personnel actions for reporting Violations of health and safety regulations; Violations of obligations to shareholders or business partners; Falsification of financial documents; Tax fraud; Sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other employment law violations. Law provides protection to whistleblower employees,” commented a senior lawyer with the firm.

Law in California prohibits an employer from firing an employee in retaliation for them engaging in whistleblowing. The legal definition of whistleblowing consists of reporting unlawful conduct. The lawyers with Cummings & Franck, PC, have represented a large number employees wrongfully terminated or harassed by the employers for such activities. Employees refusing to engage in unlawful conduct are also protected by law from retaliation.

While complaints about discrimination based on race, gender, age, or disability are protected from retaliation by statute, whistleblowing is a separate field in itself under employment law. The lawyer added, “Only an attorney will be able to tell you if you qualify for legal protection in a given scenario. On the other hand, in some cases, you may conclude the legal backing, which is in fact not there. A layman has little idea about law, which makes it imperative to discuss things with an attorney.”

False Claims Acts allow employees to file a suit on behalf of the government for fraudulent activities of the employers and share in a percentage of the recovery. As Los Angeles employment lawyers, Cummings & Franck, PC, would provide such employees more knowledge about such suits, termed Qui Tam actions.

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Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC is a prominent law firm in California offering advice and legal representation to employees. While providing free consultation, they assist them in understanding whether the employment issues concerning them are validated by law. An employment discrimination lawyer in LA, they offer confidential legal advice to clients.

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