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Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC Working for Employees in California on Contingency Basis

Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC is a law firm in Los Angeles assisting clients in full range of employment related legal issues. The firm works on contingent law basis, putting in due diligence in every case.


Gardena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Aggrieved employees in California keen on hiring an employment lawyer that may aggressively advocate for them can contact the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC. A leading law firm in Los Angeles specializing in full range of employment related legal issues; they can assist clients in determining the appropriate legal solutions.

“If you are experiencing employment discrimination, hostile work environment, sexual harassment, retaliation, wage and overtime violations, wrongful termination, or race discrimination, the law will come to your rescue. If you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against in the workplace, we can move in to assist,” commented a senior lawyer with the firm.

Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC works with clients to determine the appropriate legal solutions for their problems. Working on contingent fee basis, they put in due diligence in every case educating the clients how the law would apply in their specific case. The firm is committed to aggressively pursue a case to full extent of state and federal laws, through the team of legal professionals highly-trained in the changing laws in various practice areas.

A lawyer would explain the available options to the clients with the objective to minimize potential conflicts of interest. The lawyer stated, “We can work for Harassment, Employment Discrimination, Public Policy Violations, Disability Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Whistleblowing and FMLA (The Family and Medical Leave Act) cases. We have represented employees in various cases of employment discrimination and harassment in the workplace.”

The law firm, as a prominent employment lawyer in Los Angeles, has always strove to obtain the compensation and benefits denied to employees by the employer. They do everything permissible by law to ensure the clients receive the compensation they rightly deserve. The firm takes the fear out of pursuing action against the injustices the employees may suffer on a daily basis using the legal provisions.

About Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC
Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, PC, a discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles, CA, has a successful track record of assisting employees across California. Their extensive experience in these matters enables them to be much more proactive in the efforts to ensure that employee rights are protected. They provide confidential legal consultation to clients assisting them in getting over the situation.

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