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Recent Drought Conditions Drive Need for "Green Intervention"

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse team of lawn experts can help revitalize your yard


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2012 -- This year’s weather has challenged those of us who tried to maintain a healthy, lush, green lawn. Severe droughts in some areas of the U.S. have forced lawns into dormancy. Although lawns actually look worse than they are, this is the perfect time for “green intervention.”

All lawns require special care during dry weather. When deprived of water, grass may stop growing and start to brown, especially when the top 4 inches of soil dries out. Ornamental lawns of fine bent-type grasses are most likely to suffer. General garden lawns containing fescue grasses are typically more resistant to browning.

A well-maintained lawn usually recovers rapidly with the onset of autumn rainfall, especially with appropriate autumn lawn care. However, in extended periods of drought, or where the lawn is not well maintained, grasses become weakened and their roots deteriorate. If the grass becomes sparse, weeds and moss easily establish with the onset of autumn rains. Remedial action may be necessary.

Remember to raise the cutting height of your mower and follow these handy watering tips:

- Water new lawns thoroughly.
- For established lawns that must be kept green, water once the soil becomes dry, but before the grass color begins to change. If the ground is very hard, aerate it before watering, to aid water penetration.
- Water the lawn in early morning, evening or even night-time, to reduce water wastage from evaporation.
- Watering once every seven to 10 days is normally sufficient. It is important not to apply too much water. This is wasteful, encourages shallow rooting of the grass and promotes moss and turf diseases. Excessive watering makes the lawn less drought-tolerant.
- Do not use lawn weed killers on drought-affected turf in autumn. Delay treatments until the following spring, when the grass and weeds are growing vigorously.

After a dry summer, autumn is an ideal time to carry out lawn renovation and repair. Renovation will help your lawn recover from the recent drought and make it more drought resistant the following year. For the Do-it-Yourselfer, rent a turf aerator and re-seed. You can see the FAQ area on our website for handy turf management tips, otherwise, call your local lawn professional for a quote and turf renovation plan.

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