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Tips to Keep Greenery Safe and Healthy After a Heavy Snowfall

Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse Offers Valuable Tips to Ensure a Healthy Landscape


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2013 -- Heavy snowfall can cause severe damage to landscaped areas. Due to the recent extreme snow events, many people wonder if it is best to physically remove the snow from trees and shrubs around their homes. The answer is no and doing so can actually do more harm than good, especially if the snow is heavily packed. It is far better to let the snow melt than to shovel the snow away from plants and shrubs. If a yard is full of shrubs and trees with broken limbs, it is important to make clean cuts to the limbs as soon as possible. It is also important to remove fallen debris and limbs from the base of healthy plants; this will keep away insects and disease. Debris and broken limbs create a perfect environment for insects to breed and disease to spread.

Another area for concern is damage caused by salt. Salt draws water away from the root system of trees, shrubs and grass. As a result, the grass near a street or driveway may yellow and become stunted. Trees and shrubs may also yellow and show brown leaf margins. Evergreen trees are especially sensitive to salt. The best way to rid any landscape of salt damage is to flush the affected area with plenty of water.

For those who are eager to prepare their yards for abundant spring growth, late winter happens to be the best time to prune and shape ornamental trees and roses. For additional practical advice about yard care and power equipment visit

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