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How to Mow Smartly All Season Long


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Power Equipment Warehouse, lawn care and equipment experts, offer valuable tips for keeping mower blades sharp and lawns well hydrated.

A dull lawn mower blade can actually rip grass, leaving the edges ragged. Damaged blades of grass typically use more water, which make plants more vulnerable to disease, sun damage, and insects. Healthy, beautiful lawns require a sharp lawn mower blade.

Sharpen mower blades at least twice within a cutting season; sometimes more, depending on the condition of the lawn and/or time between cuts. Mowing more often or frequently hitting debris, may produce a dull blade and thus require additional sharpening.

Lawn care professionals should consider using a grinder to sharpen blades; it’s faster, and will save time and expense in the long run. Reel type mower blades will likely require the skill of a professional grinding service. It is best to check with a local shop that has earned a good reputation and offers reasonable pricing.

A sharp lawn mower blade also reduces the effort needed to cut a lawn, which means the job gets done faster and with less expended energy.

The second and equally important step to achieving a beautiful lawn is to water it.

Grass roots typically grow to a depth of about 4”, referred to as the “root zone.” Watering for extended periods will drive water beyond the root zone and be counter-productive. It is best to water more frequently for shorter periods of time. Less water will be used as well.

During cooler weather periods, it is best to reduce watering, while generous watering is recommended during excessively hot periods. Despite popular belief, it is fine to water in the evening and overnight, as it will not cause fungus growth. When developing a plan for keeping a lawn green, consider what is best for the specific conditions.

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