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Lawrence Campers Impressed by Self-Sufficient WR Contractor Porta Potties


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Camping is one of the many outdoor events that have been thoroughly benefitted by the introduction of porta potties to human beings. Earlier, before the advent of porta potties camping was only confined to areas with plumbing. Today, thanks to porta potties, camp organizers have ventured deeper into the woods to closure with the purest form of nature. Campers can enjoy a wonderful experience in the lap of nature supplied by all the comforts that modern technology can offer.

WR Contractor has recently unveiled its new collection of Lawrence portable toilets that are sturdy and self-sufficient. Lawrence campers are now making a beeline for the new WR Contractor porta potties. These portable toilets come with a waste tank that can store up to 7 days’ sewage for 15 kids under 13 years of age. This is more than enough for the entire camp, which does not last longer than a week. The portable toilets also come fully equipped with all the facilities that a modern bathroom offers. The bathroom and shower arrangements are fully functional and are well accessorizes with deodorizers and disposable towels.

WR Contractor takes complete care of all the management and maintenance of these porta potties. The Company will periodically dispatch personnel to clean the toilets and showers. Winter campers do not need to worry about using porta potty showers because it is also well supplied with hot water besides fresh water. The Company staff will come and completely remove the sewage to ensure continued usage. The tanks also come with indicators, which ensure that the campers will know when the waste tank needs to be emptied.

Whenever the Company staff comes for periodical cleaning, they will bring in fresh supplies of soap, towels, tissues, deodorants, etc. Campers shall never suffer from lack of any sanitary facilities as long as WR Contractor porta potties are around. To gather further details regarding portable toilets Lawrence MA please go to

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WR Contractor is a nationwide porta potty Company providing hassle free and affordable service. It is the Company to go to for prompt delivery and hygienic porta potties. It offers a wide selection of models for customers to choose from.

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